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Identify my plant?

jessica jessicaol at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 17 11:09:35 EST 1997

On 8 Jul 1997 05:36:14 GMT, "Gooblet" <gooblet at mindlink.net> wrote:

>I bought a plant, described only as "tropical" on the tag. It is currently
>about 12 inches high and has 3 main stems emerging from the soil. The main
>stems are about 3/16" wide, green and grow fairly straight up. Leaves grow
>all along the length of the main stem, each leaf attached by a short (1/2")
>stem. Near the top of the plant, these stems change from green to almost
>entirely red. The leaves themselves are about 6 inches long and 1/2-3/4"
>wide with slightly wavy edges and a smooth, waxy texture. The most
>distinctive part of the plant is that the leaves are a dark green and
>covered with various amounts of yellow splotching. The yellow is quite
>bright and ranges from distinct spots to blotches which blur together to
>form an almost totally yellow leaf. 
>If anyone can identify this plant and tell me how to look after it, I would
>appreciate it! Also, I would like to know if it is poisonous, as I have
>Could somebody also confirm the non-poisonousness of the following plants:
>Polka-Dot Plant
>Mother-In-Law's Tongue 
>Baby Tears
>Grave Ivy
>I have a list of poisonous plants, but I worry it's not as complete as I
>might want it to be! Books that give info on the care of these plants don't
>seem to mention poisonousness.
>Thanks! Please send a copy of your answer via e-mail.
>gooblet at mindlink.net
Hi gooblet,
	Sounds like you have a croton (codiaeum). It's either the
Golden Ring or Gold Finger variety. According to a book I have, an
east or west facing window is best. Liberal watering spring to autumn;
sparingly in winter (always tepid water).  Mist leaves daily, if
possible. Only feed in the growing season, not in winter.

According to a leaflet from the Amer. Assoc. of Poison Control Centers
(you can write or call your local center for one), the croton isn't
poisonous. Grape ivy, mother-in-law's tongue and baby's tears are all
non-poisonous. I don't know about the Polka Dot plant or Pothos.
 	I hope I have been helpful.   jessica

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