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Survey for cost of cell bio lab course.

Scott T. Meissner smeissne at PRAIRIENET.ORG
Tue Jul 15 09:49:04 EST 1997

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Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 09:45:46 -0500 (CDT)
From: Scott T. Meissner <smeissne at prairienet.org>
To: plantbio at net.bio.net
Subject: Survey for cost of cell bio lab course.

	We are having a debate at my college concerning
how much expenditure per course is "adequate" for our
science lab courses.  A grant was recently rejected, in
part due to some reviewers suggesting our current level
of expenditure as "inadequate."  The grant was for
new equipment for our cell biology course.

	I have been asked to gather information about 
expenditures at other colleges.  For context, my college
is a small liberal arts college, total student population
about 1000.  Our tuition is $325 per credit hour, and lab
courses have a $50 lab fee, with most lab courses being
4 credit hours total.  These funds get passed through the 
administration, and our division gets back roughly 
$40,000 a year for new equipment and supplies for all courses
taught by our ten faculty members.  In my case this gives
me roughly $4000 to spend on one year's worth of 
courses which might include:  Introductory Botany, Cell Biology,
Microbiology, Field Botany, and supplies for 2-3 senior
thesis students....  So I have about $1000 to spend on 
all materials and supplies for my Cell Biology course, 
and I have from 12-20 students each fall.  There are nine
full lab sessions in the semester.  I wish to know 
how this compares to cell biology courses taught elsewhere.

	In particular I would appreciate knowing, for each
semester that your cell biology course is taught, such things as:

	*amount spent on materials and supplies.
	*amount spent on new equipment.
	*total enrollment in the class.
	*number of lab exercises per semester.
	*are the funds internally or externally obtained?
		(one argument is for our faculty to try to
		get money for supplies through outside
		grants to pay for operating costs)
	*amount obtained from tuition, lab fees, 
		sales of lab manuals, or other sources ...
	*what is your most expensive individual lab exercise, 
		and least expensive individual lab exercise?

	Any advise on good lab exercises for this size of
budget would also be appreciated.  And information about other
biology lab course expenses would be welcome, though I am 
primarily interested in cell biology.

Please e-mail your responses to me at
	smeissne at a1.mckendree.edu
or list them to this group.  

I will be happy to summarize the information and post it
to the group if there is interest.

Thank you all ahead of time for your help.

Scott T. Meissner, Division of Science and Mathematics
	McKendree College, 701 College Rd, Lebanon, IL  62254
	Tel: (618) 537-6934 
	E-mail: smeissne at a1.mckendree.edu
	Aure Entuluva!

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