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unexpected seed coat change

P Rose prose at northcoast.com
Thu Jul 10 00:49:47 EST 1997

In 1993 I planted some 5000 Year Old Cave Beans.  I grew them in my
garden, in the city, with no other bean plants around. 
	I grew beans from the 1993 harvest in 1994.  When I harvested my 1994
crop I noticed that some of the seed coats were different.  In '94 I
grew some Scarlet Runner beans and they were in bloom at the same time
as the Caves.  I thought the Runner was Phaseolus coccineus and would
not cross with the Caves,  Phaseolus vulgairs. (Ref.  Seed to Seed by
Suzanne Ashworth page 136)  The coats were unmistakably a cross between
the 2 beans.  Upon further investigation, I discovered that the name
runner was just a name and not the species.  
	As you all know, seed coat is a product of the first generation and
therefore would not show up until the second planting.  I am sure that
the beans were not crossed in the 1993 growing.
	I have since discussed this anomaly with both my Botany professor and
the genetics professor at Humboldt State University.  They say that I
had to have crossed the beans in '93 and they refuse to believe me.  I
know that the beans were not crossed the first year and that something
unusual has occurred....  I want to know what it is.  
	I have 42 of the Caves that a friend grew from my '93 harvest in his
garden in '94 separate from my "crossed" beans.  They do not exhibit the
seed coat change.  I have 401 Caves with changed coats and 1011 Caves
with no/(marginal) coat change and 53 runt beans.  I also have 78
Scarlet Runner beans that were undoubtedly crossed with the Cave beans
but show no seed coat change.  This is the total of my '94 harvest.  
	  I want to design a research program to perhaps determine what
happened genetically to the Caves.  I am writing because I need to find
someone that has the expertise and is willing to help me design and
carry out a research program. 
	I don't know any people in the bean genetics business but I hope that
someone can at least send me in some direction.  I have been sitting on
this for 3 years and I am still positive that there is something unusual
happening and am anxious to understand what it is.
	Thank you for your time.  Any help that you can give me will be

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