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mycorrhizae tolerance to fertilizer

Eric Grunden egrunden at prairienet.org
Sat Jan 11 18:16:45 EST 1997

In a previous article, brateaver at aol.com () says:

>Some of the ideas you have given, such as that microorganisms in soil have
>a deleterious effect, IS plain wrong, so wrong that it is just incredible
>coming from anyone intelligent enough to be admitted to any university. 
>Webster says one synonym of silly is idiotic.

Your point of view is plainly one-sided. Yes, soil microbes do many
things that enhance and enrich soil (of course). My point is that
they also carry out actions that CAN be deleterious, especially
under certain conditions. To state that they are only good, and
only do good things, etc. is in my opinion "silly".


>It is scary to think that any university can send out anyone thinking soil
>organisms DESTROY soil, when anyone who knows anything about soils knows
>that soil IS made up of minerals PLUS soil organisms.


Yes, that would be scary, and I did not say it. I said that under
certain circumstances they can have a detrimental effect on soil.


>I hope you DO NOT do a thesis on mycorrhizae, if your basis  on soil is
>that far off from the facts. Scars me to think what you would do to try to
>destroy the little good info that has been built up on soil so far--much
>too little.

I hope that if I do such a thesis, that I won't have to use any
works by you. Misquotataion, one-sidedness, bitterness, and
innaccuracy seem inherent in your posts.

>So I hope it is clear that I was not calling YOU any names, but I will
>stand by my statements that some of the ideas you have given are really


Ditto for you too...............
The Spirit of Nature, a powerful force,
	belongs and returns to its creative source.
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