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St. John's wort

: animaux at ix.netcom.com
Tue Jan 7 11:50:59 EST 1997

In <32d905e1.5328274 at news.navix.net> mk95528 at navix.net (Antique Books)

>Start by looking deep into references from the very early christians.
>A friend told me about a book for you to start from for documentation.

You are telling Bargyla Rateaver where to start?  That is rich. Do you
know who she is?  I mean, I dont put anyone on a pedestal, but this
woman is one of the MOST well read, intellectual beings on Earth...IMO.
Your antique books are not historical.    It is speculation, lore,
mythos, etc.  Faith is what holds religion together, not proof or fact.
Please stop spamming all the groups with your trash and quips which are
not requested.

>The Reader's Digest has modern references that is in print for
>everyone. He said for you to start with a book called Magic and
>Medicine of Plants, see page 290,

Why would a Christian need to look at a book Magic and Medicine?  To a
Christian, Christ it the doctor.  I am not Christian, but your
instructions are so unfounded.

>For starters, the local bookstore should be able to order this Readers
>Digest reference for you.

Since this newsgroup is bionet.plants, why dont you go to a Who's Who
and see who B. Rateaver is.  Then let me know if you will be giving any
more instructions.

These modern references might be a good place
>for you to start.


 Other than that, I am not going to post anymore
>about this because I don't care one way or the other. I simply posted
>documented historical data from antique books with references that go
>to the beginning of the Christians associating the plant with John The
>Babtist. It is simply up to the reader to show otherwise if he/she
>cares to spend the time to do the research to provide documented data
>to show otherwise. You will find the research is valade and Readers
>Digest will help you with this if you want to chase it down for your
>own personal reasons. Good Luck.
I have documented data in my personal journal.  Does that mean it is
accurate documented data for you to now live by?  Listen to yourself. 
You are talking to scientists here, not some novice searchers of the
Old Ways. If you want to talk about the pathology of St.Johns Wort
fine, go for it...If not, refer to alt.pagan to give information on a
plant which you believe has magical properties.  They may be more
receptive.  Judging by all the guff you are getting all over the
Internet, I doubt they will receive you any better.


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