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Rhiannon Willow at weepingtree.com
Sun Jan 5 22:06:09 EST 1997

A wonderful article....but I wanted to add
something...if you are on high blood pressure meds
you want to avoid licorice, and if you suffer from
seziure activity you probably should avoid
rosemary. I don't know of any other side effects
in the herbs listed.

infinitea at olywa.net (Lisa Hayes, Herbalist
Extraorindaire) wrote:

--->This year is shaping up to be one of the worst flu seasons in history.
--->Not only did the flu season begin much earlier than usual in most
--->states, but the strains of flu out there this year seem to be hitting
--->many people very hard.  There are strains  that even seem to be
--->resistant to the vacines that so many of us got.
--->So what to do about the flu?  First of all, there are some common
--->sense steps we can take to avoid getting the virus in the first place.
--->#1.  During cold and flu season increase your intake of vitamine C to 
--->       at least 3000 mg. daily.  
--->       One of the most potent sorces of natural vitamine C are rose 
--->       hips.   Rose hip tea sweetened with a bit of honey is actually
--->       quite pleasing to the taste and is very effective in helping to
--->       fight of viruses.
--->#2  If you have been directly exposed to the flu virus, increase your 
--->      intake of vitamine C to 5000 mg daily for at least two weeks.
--->      Immediately start taking an echinecia tincture or a tea.  Also 
--->      begin drinking at least four cups of a licorice based tea daily.
--->      *Note:  Take echinecea for only two weeks at a time followed
--->       by at least a two week break.
--->If you come down with the virus, plan to be out of commision for at
--->least a week. However we suggest  the following steps.
--->#1  Follow the same steps with the echinecia and vitamin C as
--->      if you were exposed.   Increase you're dosage of echinecia
--->      by a half.
--->#2  Begin  taking garlic.  Use fresh whole garlic cut into pill size 
--->      pieces.  Take at least two cloves daily.  Garlic is one of the
--->      only things out there known to have anti-viral properties, so 
--->      as unpleasant as this may be, do it anyway.
--->#3  The old adage, "feed a cold, starve a fever"  is not true.  Make
--->      sure you are eating plenty of healthy foods that will support 
--->      your body during this process.  If nothing else eat soup.  Also
--->      drink at least 2 quarts of water.  It is imparative to avoid the
--->      dehydration that often accompanies fever and vomiting.
--->#4  To help releive discomfort take an herbal steam bath with
--->       peppermint, euculiptus, and rosemary.  This will help with
--->       congestion, aches, and nausia.
--->#5  The following is a list of herbs that would be good for a tea.
--->      Take any combination of these herbs and let them steep in hot
--->      water for fifteen minutes.  Sweeten with a natural local honey.
--->*Blackberry leaf
--->INFINITEA offers an incredible selection of medicinal herbal teas.  We
--->have teas that support the immune system and many others.
--->Pull up our web site at:
--->Also try our FREE online "ASK THE HERBALIST" feature.
--->e-mail us your questions and one of our expert herbalists will get
--->back to you.  
--->See you there!!!
--->Lisa Hayes		888-956-4TEA
--->Infinitea at aol.com	http://www.webelegance.com/infinitea
--->"Your life, your health, your choices..."     

---/---<@ rhiannon at indy.net

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