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Genomic DNA: Polysaccharide contamination

Chris Kafer ckafer at iastate.edu
Sat May 18 17:29:40 EST 1996

ez049617 at dale.ucdavis.edu (Anne Gillen) wrote:

>You have my sympathy.  I worked with apricot and had the same 
>problem.  I have three suggestions.
>1.  Let the leaves sit in the fridge for a day or two.  They may use up 
>    their polysaccaride reserves.
>2.  Unfortunatley I do not have the protcoll that I developed (based 
>    on Saghai-Maroof et al)with me but it was an SDS extraction buffer, 
>    cholorform:isoamyl alcohol (24:1) extaction.  I used a salting out step
>    (ammonium acetate)before the extraction step which I picked up from
>    Dellaporta et al 1983 (I think this is the right reference).
>3.  Cesium chloride band the DNA.  Expensive, time consuming but it works. 
>    We do it for all our peach DNA. 

I dont have the original question but you may want to try a CTAB
extraction under high salt conditions.  The polysaccharides
precipitate with the CTAB and the DNA is then precipitated with
isopropanol.  The protocol is as follows.  I dont have the original
reference though, sorry.

CTAB Plant DNA Extraction

	Stock Solutions		Amount		[Final]
	1M Tris pH 7.5		10ml		100mM
	CTAB			1g		1%
	5M NaCl			14ml		0.7M
	0.5M EDTA		2ml		10mM
	BME			1ml 		1%
	dH2O			73ml 

Freeze and grind plant material in liquid N to a fine powder and then:
1)  Transfer 300-500mg powder to 10ml buffer (preheated to 65 deg) and
incubate 30-60 min. at 60 deg.
2)  Remove sample and allow to return to rm temp.
3)  Add 5ml CHCl3:Isoamyl (24:1) and invert gently for 5 min.
4)  Spin 10 min @ rm temp.
5)  Transfer aqueous phase to a new tube with 7 ml isopropanol.
6)  Mix quickly by inversion several times until a clot forms. Remove
clot with a glass hook.
7)  Rinse in 1-2 ml 76% EtOH, 0.2M NaOAc 20 min.
8)  Rinse in 1 ml 76% EtOH, 10mM NH4OAc and immediately transfer to
400µl TE.  DNA should slide easily off hook. (may take gentle rocking
overnite @ 4deg to completely redissolve)

There was also a protocol in Biotechniques that involved precipitating
polysaccharides out of solution with .35 vol EtOH.  It was in Vol. 17,
I think.

Good luck.

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