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Help with Cherry Tomatoes!!!

Dave Johnson djohnson at moose.uvm.edu
Mon Jun 24 10:25:55 EST 1996


   A friend of mine has been trying to grow cherry tomatoes on his 
outside deck, along with a variety of other veggies in his "salad" garden.
(something he picked up at a nature store). Now his tomatoes are being 
eaten by spider mites. 
  Firstly, let me say that he is not growing, dope, weed, Mary Jane, 
whatever you wanna call it. I've gone to a few of the gardening stores in 
the area and they've given me sly looks, winked and nooded when I asked 
about this dilema. God forbid someone actually grow tomatoes.

  In this person's mind, since I read the bionet.plants newsgroup I am 
some sort of great wealth of information. I suggested brining them inside 
and putting them in some sort of clean environment, that is after going 
over every surface of the plant with an alcohol swab. *(I did read that 
here didn't I?)* I even offered to take one off his hands and put in 
under flourescents in my bathroom since I've heard they hate high 
humidity enviroments.

   Since I am going to help my buddy out here and take one or two plants, 
what I need to know is, 1) how do I get rid of the current infestation? 
It's not so bad yet that they are spinning webs. 2) Once it is "clean" 
what sort of clean environment should I put them in? *I figured I would 
give bath a thorough cleaning, it needs it anyways! and put them in 
there for the extra humidity* 3) What can I do to keep them from coming 
back? *Would a venus fly trap plant help any maybe?*, as I assume he 
wants these back once he can keep the mites away.

Finally, to keep my own house plants safe, do I have to worry about 
Spider Mites and my..
1) Wandering Jews
2) Mint
3) Ivy
4) Zebra Plant (Alphelandra Squarrosa according to my plant book)
6) Rubber Plant *Thanks to all those who helped me with it! She's alive 
and well!*

6) Something that looks like a cast iron plant except with Redish Purple 

7) I also have two others that I have yet to identify.

I've heard of predatory mites, but this is simply four tomato plants, not 
really worth the investment.

 To those who have answers, time is of the essence!

Many Many thanks in advance!

************			"Living in the Limelight, the universal dream,
Dave   *Tigger*			 for those who wish to seem,
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