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Sour cherry tree, bay laurel, request for references

shodan at io.org shodan at io.org
Mon Apr 15 21:36:00 EST 1996

daniels at Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (Brad Daniels) wrote:

For example, I'm also trying to find out whether bay laurel is
>a bush or a tree.  I bought a tiny one a year ago and put it in a
>medium-sized pot.  At the moment, it's looking like a bush, but I'm
>not sure how/if I should train it, or where I should plant it.
>Actually, I'm a little concerned I may just have a cutting of a branch
>which took root, since it's always had full-sized leaves which look
>kind of out of proportion to the thing, and because it has leaves
>coming out all up and down the main stem...  I'm not sure if it will
>ever develop normally, and I'm clueless as to how to find out.

>Thanks for any help you can give,
>- Brad

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A Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis) is an evergreen plant, which when grown
in cooler climates remains more of a shrub. In warmer climates (like
it's native Greece), it can reach 40 feet in height. It is a relative
of the Cinnamon tree, and Avocado tree.

Since Bay Laurels take so well to being potted, and stay healthy but
stunted in pots, it is a favorite of Bonsai and Topiary enthusiasts.

To grow a Bay tree, it requires at least a moderate climate and a
sheltered location in full sun during the warm months. Bring it in for
the cooler times of the year. It will tolerate soil of any level pH,
and any level of moisture except too wet.

If you want to use the Bay leaves in your cooking, go right ahead as
long as you have a true Laurus nobilis, and not a Cherry Laurel
(Prunus laurocerasus) which is poisenous.
Also - always remove the Bay leaf prior to serving. Its strong, sharp
edges do not soften with cooking, and can damage the digestive tract.

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