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potato skins

John Obrien obriens at echo.sound.net
Tue Apr 9 10:12:17 EST 1996

:  d_> know that against cultural beliefs of eating potato skins, they should
:  d_> be discarded. Any heavy metals are stored in the skins....potato is a
:  d_> good portion of this backcountry society. They never eat the peels!

I'm having so much trouble with this article.  My damn server dropped my
carrier just as I was almost finished.  So back to recreating it.

Potatoe skins, per se, are not a problem.  BUT the dark spots and sprouting
potatoes can be very dangerous for women of childbearing age.   Not so much
dangerous for the woman, but for her child(ren).

A book I read about 10 years ago ("Solonacea") at the Linda Hall Library of 
science and technology, in Kansas City, has a chapter devoted to this 
problem.  It equated the eating of these potatoes and dark spots of the 
skin, with the crippling disease, Spinal Bifida.

Even abstaining from them during pregnancy will not erase the risk.  The
poison remains in a womans' fat cells for up to 6 months after the
cessation of consumption.  

It is an especially poignant problem for 'poor' regions of the world where
this type of consumption is more likely to occur.

I can obtain more information about the book if anyone is interested.
I wrote to our local newspaper several years ago about this connection
when I found out that herds of cattle were being feed potatoe scaps.
They, of course, ignored me.

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