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Herb used in Vietnamese cooking?

KyPhong KyPhong
Thu Apr 4 18:23:40 EST 1996

Dear Brad:

   "Ngo` Om" is very es to grow. Go to a Oriental market, by
a bunch [abut $1]. Take it home put all of them in a tall
jar or galss full of water. Do Not worry a bout whether the  
sprigs have any roots on the stems.
   Place the container in the shade, away from direct sunlight,
yet make sure the sprigs receive enough light [direct sunlight
will wilt the yet-to-develop sprigs.]
   In one ot two week, you will notice the roots start to develop.
Now, get an empty coffee can [big, one gallon can], fill it
three-quarters full of good soil, mixed with any ordinary
fertilizer. Then fill the can with water just about one inch
above the soil. Take the "Ngo` Om" sprigs and plant them into
the soil, leave half the stems above water. Now you can bring
them out in the sun and let it stay there permanently.
   In two more week you will see they grow into longer, greener
ngo` om. Off and on, you have to prunt the longer stems by
simply cut it with your fingertips.
   ngo` om is the easiest plant that can be cultivated.
   Now, would you like to know how to make "Canh Chua"
to go with this ngo` om? :-) Equip yourself with a fishing
pole first then we discuss "game plan" !
In article <4jss7d$juk at Starbase.NeoSoft.COM>, daniels at Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (Brad Daniels) says:
>In article <4jse6h$sqg at minerva.worldbank.org>,  <KP> wrote:
>>   I'll give it a shot: the herb is called "Rau Om"
>>or "Ngo` Om". They're used for "Canh Chua" Soup.
>I think that is the name of one of the dishes it came in, so that's
>probably the right herb...  I'm actually trying to get the plant
>itself if possible.  I thought it would make a nice addition to my herb
>garden...  I live in Houston, which definitely qualifies as a hot and wet
>place (most of the time, anyway.)  I tried getting a few sprigs of the
>fresh herb from a local restaurant, but I wasn't able to get them to root.
>If I can find the scientific name of the plant, I may be able to get a nursery
>to special-order some seeds.
>Thanks for the info on the Vietnamese name!
>- Brad
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>daniels at neosoft.com             |   I am glad I was born in these."
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