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Roy Phitayakorn phitayr at bent9.alleg.edu
Tue Apr 2 09:12:20 EST 1996

	Hello!  My name is Roy Phitayakorn and I am an undergraduate  
student at Allegheny College which is in Meadville, PA...about 100 miles  
north of Pittsburgh.  I am a Biology/Pre-Med track major and am working  
towards a double minor in Military History & Strategy in the Western World  
and Chemistry.  I a native of a suburb south of Pittsburgh called Upper  
St. Clair.
	I am interested in doing my senior thesis on the Venus Fly Trap,  
but I am not sure on what part of the plant or plant mechanism to focus  
on.  This fall, I would like to participate in an independent research  
project with VFT's to form some ideas about my thesis.  This research  
project will primarily concern recreating different experiments performed  
with VFT's.  So far, I have thought of two areas of research:

	-using VFT cell totipotency to grow VFT's from cell culture
	-studying acid growth mechanism that enables VFT trap to close  
around hapless victim

	My question to you (plural) involves my need for more experiments  
so that this independent project will last longer than a month!
	My own personal research has involved mostly library work.  Most  
books I have seen focus only on the care of VFTs.  I've read a history  
book on VFTs called Venus' Mousetrap, which was interesting, but not  
really helpful.  I've also sent away for several articles from the  
Carnivorous Plant Newsletter.  Unfortunately, sending away for articles  
has become rather expensive for a college student's budget and often takes  
at least a month to receive the articles.
	Any suggestions for experiments or sources of previous experiments  
would be most appreciated.  If any of you have friends or colleagues that  
work in botany or specifically with VFT please forward this message to  

Thanks again for your help and time,

Roy Phitayakorn

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