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Venus Fly Trap Advice

Joseph W. Bausch bausch at a.chem.upenn.edu
Sat May 6 09:53:16 EST 1995

Phil !!! (P.D.Glaves at ncl.ac.uk) wrote:
: I've recently been given a VFT as a present. However..
: ....there are no flies to be seen at all.
:  Can someone tell me    i) How long they can go without flies ?
:                         ii) Can I feed them anything other than flies
:                              if I fail to entice some into my room :)

:        Any other info on keeping them would be appreciated !

:              Thanks    
:                          Phil !!

	Wow, funny thing that I just found this newsgroup so that I could
post a note about my venus fly trap!
	Anyway, back to your questions, I have had a flytrap for over two
years now and it has fluorished in my apartment.  People are amazed at how well
it is doing.  It can have up to 10 baskets on it in the middle of the summer,
each being maybe the size of a penny.
	For what it is worth, here is what I do with mine.  I keep the plastic
container with the flytrap in a plastic margarine dish filled with water.  I
think they like a very moist environment.  I keep it in a windowsill where it
gets lots of indirect sun.  I am not so sure they like direct sun.  But my
apartment is very warm and I think it likes it that way.  The literature I got
with mine said to use distilled water or if you must use tap water to let it
stand open to the air for a day before adding.
	Some people think it is OK to give the trap meat as a substitute for
bugs, but I have read where this is not good.  I think the flytrap can survive
without eating bugs.  I think it photosynthesizes on its own just fine!
	I will occasionally dig up some bug outside and drop it in for a meal!
I still can't believe how quickly the trap will close.  BTW, I don't think you
want to "trick" the baskets into thinking there is a bug by agitating one of
the prickly things in the basket that will cause it too close.
	And what my post will be about is that this spring my flytrap has
flowered!  A big stalk grew up about 10 inches from the plant and has
beautiful little white flowers.

Take care,

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