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Letter to Clinton re:plant stress

RuffeL RuffeL at bonsmtp.ksc.nasa.gov
Mon Jan 30 07:32:02 EST 1995

In article <1995Jan27.124328.7641 at mcrcr6>, malamj01 at mcrcr6.med.nyu.edu says:
>The following is an open letter to President Clinton.  It can be
>forwarded to the White House at   President at whitehouse.gov
>A hard copy will also be sent to the White House and to Science.  If
>you would like to sign this letter, please reply to me with your name
>and affiliation.
> way to go >>>
>Excerpt from State of the Union Adress, Jan. 24. 1995
>"For years, the Congress concealed in the budget scores of pet
>spending projects.  Last year was no different.  There was a
>million dollars to study stress in plants .... If you'll give
>me the line-item veto, I'll remove some of that unnecessary
>Dear Mr. Clinton:
>We were very concerned that you chose to use plant stress research as
>an example of wasteful spending.  In science, plant stress does NOT
>refer to the psychological well-being of the plant.  Much plant stress
>research involves plant responses to viral, fungal, bacterial and
>insect pathogens.  This work forms the basis of all attempts, in both
>academia and industry, to develop disease-resistant and
>disease-tolerant crop plants.  At present, the above stresses result 
>in billions of dollars worth of crop loss annually.  Additional plant
>stresses include frost, drought and salinity.  Research is directed
>towards developing crops that can survive in adverse conditions in 
>this country and in developing nations.
>Although we understand that scientific language can be difficult
>to interpret, we found this mistake particularly disturbing in
>the context of budget cuts.  We hope that you will continue your
>committment to the funding of valuable scientific research in this
>Members of the Scientific Community

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