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Robert S Wallace rwallace at iastate.edu
Tue Jan 24 18:48:32 EST 1995

In article <3g3jqh$oim at mustang.alleg.edu>, Biomancer <barosb at alleg.edu> wrote:
>KernsFunk writes
>Can anyone recommend a solution to getting rid of the blackberries that
>are taking over my yard. I've tried digging up the roots, but they  
>always seem to come back. I'm looking for a chemical free solution!!  
>Get rid of them?  If you pick them in July when they're ripe you can  
>sell them for $2.50 a PINT!  And they make great pies and snacks  
>Seriously, though, the only way I know of to get rid of blackberries
                        ^^^^^^^^^ [see below]
>(they're all over my yard but I like it that way) is a brush-hog type  
>mower, followed by cutting everything close to the ground (like cutting  
>grass) every week for about 3 months.  That's how we cleared what yard  
>we have that is clear.

  Glyphosate (= Roundup (tm)) plus sprayer when leaves out; two applications
two weeks apart, wait three weeks; mow, chain, burn or hack.  Dead.
Guaranteed.  Whack any survivors when sprouting the same way.  Saves a bit
of energy, and much asfer than rapidly whirling bush hog blades.  Works too.



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