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Robert Mcgehee TEJU87B at prodigy.com
Tue Jan 3 16:08:30 EST 1995

I'm doing a science report/project on plant hormones especially auxins.  
I have been doing some research on the field and there are two topics 
that I do not understand.  The first is apical dominance.  If a bud is 
removed why would the level of auxin drop in the main stem and why would 
the adjacent lateral buds begin to grow?  What triggers this?  Isn't it 
correct that the auxins that were causing the removed bud from growing 
lied in that bud?  If so wouldn't the auxins also be removed with the bud?

Another topic I don't seem to understand is this:  If one was to remove 
all of the seeds on one side of a strawberry, the strawberry would not 
develope as normal on that side of the strawberry.  Does each seed 
release auxins for their particular region of the strawberry?


Robert McGehee

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