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klier at cobra.uni.edu klier at cobra.uni.edu
Tue Feb 28 20:43:04 EST 1995

In article <"95-02-28-17:02:44.29*LWE"@NCCIBM1.BITNET>, LWE%NCCIBM1.BITNET at VTBIT.CC.VT.EDU ("larisa williams") writes:
> The previous "Pistachio" question reminded me of something I've been
> wondering for quite some time, but haven't yet researched.  If an
> "answerer" is found for the former question, could you also answer how
> one would go about preparing black walnuts for eating (that is, if I
> can manage to get one to ripen without a squirrel's interference)? (They
> are also GREAT for dyeing!  The walnut skins, that is.)
Dehusk the walnuts by any of several methods: we always ran them through
a hand-cranked cornsheller, then floated the husks off in a trough. 
Others put the nuts on the driveway and repeatedly backed the car
over them.

Dry the nuts for storage.

When you're ready to use the meats, crack the shells (we put the
nuts on a chunk of railroad rail, and hit them with a carpenter's
hammer, other people had fancy inertial walnut crackers).  Pick 
out the meat, trying not to eat more than 50% of the meats while
you're doing this. (having the syrup for fudge boiling while you're
picking nutmeats is a good incentive not to eat too many!).

If you pick the meats out for later use, store them in the freezer.
They are quite oily, and go rancid fairly easily once they've been
picked out.

Kay Klier   klier at cobra.uni.edu

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