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I had a dream...

Jason Tiscione jason at cnj.digex.net
Sun Feb 26 16:14:37 EST 1995

pjordan at cab013.cs.ualberta.ca (Peter Jordan) writes:
>thargie at thargie.xs4all.nl writes:
>>Would it be possible to isolate the genetic material
>>which is responsoble for the production of THC and THC9
>>and introduce it in e.g. Lattice or a tobacco plant?

>>Just think... a field full of lattice!
>>Who would suspect? :-)

Lattice?  Surely you mean lettuce.
In theory your idea is plausible.  However, in a practical sense it
is going to be pretty difficult.  You have to be a good gene splicer
and you have to track down and identify all of the mRNAs that are
used in the biosynthesis of cannabanoids.  There isn't one little
enzyme somewhere that takes sugars and turns them into THC in one
big step.  There might be twenty.  Then you have to get them all
into the lettuce or the tobacco, and even then you have to make
sure that the tobacco is going to express them.  Although, I'm
sure that Captain Picard, Data, and Jordy could give you a THC-laden
tobacco plant inside of an hour.  They've done much more ludicrously
impossible stunts under severe time constraints.

>MAybe you could make an allopolyploid between Humulus (Hops) and
>Cannabis (Pots).

I heard that the government tried to do this, in an effort to make a hops
plant with the physical properties of marijuana (fibrosity), without the
awful THC content that they seem to dislike so much.  The resulting
hybrid wasn't exactly what the government wanted: a hops plant with no 
fibrosity, and slightly elevated concentrations of some non-psychoactive 
cannabinoids that are naturally found in hops.  You can't win.

>	Take a nuclei from each cell, and combine
>			them into one cell.

Oh, no, don't do that.  You'll get the girl pregnant.

>If I don't get the job I applied for, this is what I am going to try to do.

A guy with a plan.  That's good.  I think you need to work on it though!

>I only ever have to work with marijuana seeds, so the fuzz would probably
>stay away or at least have a darn time getting any evidence before

>	[ G U L P ]

>... before I had a plant which behaved as a seperate species and thus
>no longer covered by Pot cultivation laws.

If it gets you high, it is exhibiting the behavior stipulated by the
legislation against it.  Don't worry.

                                       Jason     jason at cnj.digex.net

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