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Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Wed Feb 8 05:07:55 EST 1995

Rich Young (young at com.kodak.clpd) wrote:
: In article <1995Jan31.224224.27645 at news.snu.ac.kr> ginseng at tpa.cent.com (Ginseng Select) writes:
: >Unique HIGH quality line of ginseng products at {http://tpa.cent.com/ginseng.html}
: >
: >Need help getting the word out on the net..  
: >
: >Give us a call or E-mail if you have any interest.  We are willing to make 
: >it worthwhile..

: 	It's this kind of thing that threatens to make Usenet a Home
: 	Shopping Channel without the pictures.  See below and please
: 	refrain from indulging your temptations in the future.

Rich, I agree that blatant abuse of newsgroups for commercial ends is
undesirable, but how do we strike a balance between the needs of
readers of this group who ask for information about where to obtain,
for example, ginseng products and the desire of other readers to keep
off-the-topic postings out of the group?

I would say that posting the URL of a place where the information can
be obtained is quite reasonable under the circumstances.  I'd also say
that a gentle reminder of the group's charter would be appropriate:

This group was created for discussions about _any_ aspect of plant
biology.  The majority of people reading bionet.plants are only
interested in scientific discussions about the behaviour of plants. 

There are other groups better suited to more general questions about
gardening, drugs, alternative medicine etc.

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