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Whitey mackinnw at wildlife.dnr.state.mi.us
Fri Dec 15 10:10:26 EST 1995

>>I would like information (Family, genera, species) about the fruit tree
>> called something like LITCHIX, a strawberry like fruit, with a green and
>> hard enclosure, about 3cm diameter, juicy, edible, fragrant.
>>Please e-mail any comments about it.
>li-tchi or li-chee or ly-chee n. 1. A Chinese tree, Litchi chinensis,  
>  bearing edible fruit. 2. Also litchi nut.  The fruit of the litchi tree.[
>  Chin. (Mandarin) li {4}zhi {1}]
Is this the same beast that is called maman-chino in Latin America,  Soft 
spiny looking husks that turn red when ripe and a (big) grape sized fleshy 
treat in the middle?


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