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Tue Dec 5 10:35:15 EST 1995

In article <49g1ut$38d at eis.wfunet.wfu.edu>,
   "Brian W. Tague" <taguebw at wfu.edu> wrote:
>I am looking for recommendations on text books to use in a graduate 
>level course. The course in on "Plant-Animal Interactions".

For all interested:
It would appear that such a text covering all aspects of Plant-Animal 
interactions doesn't really exist. Here are the suggestions that I have 
received thus far. Of all of them, the edited volume by Spencer seems 
the most appropriate but the plant group here at Wake hasn't decided one 
way or the other. 

And thanks to all who sent suggestions!

As of 12/2/95

1)  E.A. Bernays and R.F. Chapman, 1994,"Host-plant selection by 
phytophagous insects Chapman and Hall

2) Coevolution of Animals & Plants. (Ed. Lawrence E.Gilbert & Peter 
1975 (University of Texas Press).
ISBN 0 292 71031 3.    QH359.c63.

Gilbert, Lawrence E.; Editor;  Raven, Peter H; Editor
Coevolution of Animals & Plants  Revised
PUBLISHER  Austin; University of Texas Press; 1980
ORDER INFO  ISBN 0-292-71056-9; Trade Paper; $9.95 Retail

3) Plant-Animal Interactions.J.M.Lock.  Chapter 2 in 'Plant Ecology in 
Africa' (G.W.Lawson, Ed.) 1986, John Wiley & Sons.. ISBN 0 471 90364 7.

4) Fritz and Simms. 1992.  Plant Resistance to hervivores and pathogens 
Fritz, Robert S.; Editor;  Simms, Ellen L.; Editor
Plant Resistance to Herbivores & Pathogens: Ecology, Evolution, &  
PUBLISHER  Chicago; University of Chicago Press; June 1992
ORDER INFO  ISBN 0-226-26554-4; Paper Text; $29.95 Retail
 SB750 P56 1992

5) John Thomas Coevolutionary processes 
 Thompson, John N.
 TITLE  The Coevolutionary Process
PUBLISHER  Chicago; University of Chicago Press; Sept. 1994
ORDER INFO  ISBN 0-226-79760-0; Paper Text; $19.95 Retail
             LCCN 94-014140
QH372 T48 1994

6) Herbivores: their interaction with secondary metabolites, 
evolutionary and ecological processes. Academic Press, CA
Rosenthal, Gerald A.; Editor  Berenbaum, May R.; Editor Herbivores: 
Their Interactions with Secondary Plant Metabolites:  Ecological & 
Evolutionary Processes
ORDER INFO  ISBN 0-12-597184-2; Cloth Text; $99.00 Retail

Rosenthal, Gerald A.; Editor  Berenbaum, May R.; Editor
Herbivores: Their Interactions with Secondary Plant Metabolites:  The 
Chemical Participants
ORDER INFO  ISBN 0-12-597183-4; Cloth Text; $120.00 Retail
QH549.5 .H47 1991 v.1

7) Insect-plant interactions 
PUBLISHER    New York : Springer-Verlag, c1986.
SUBJECTS     1) Insect-plant relationships.
Miller, James R. (James Ray) ) Berenbaum, M. (May)

8) Crawley, M.J. (1983) Herbivory: the dynamics of plant-animal 
interactions.  Blackwell

9) Strong, D.R. Lawton, J.H. and Southwood, R. (1984) Insects on plants.  
PUBLISHER  Cambridge; Harvard University Press; Aug. 1984
 ORDER INFO  ISBN 0-674-45513-4; Trade Paper; $25.95 Retail $24.95 

10)  Palo, R. Thomas  Robbins, Charles T.; Author
      TITLE  Plant Defenses Against Mammalian Herbivory
PUBLISHER  Boca Raton; C R C Press, Incorporated; Aug. 1991
 ORDER INFO  ISBN 0-8493-6550-3; Trade Cloth; $115.00 Retail

11) Spencer, Kevin C.; Editor
Chemical Mediation of Coevolution
Academic Press
ORDER INFO  ISBN 0-12-656856-1; Paper Text; $66.00 Retail
QH372 .C44 1988

12)  Roitberg, Bernard D. and Murray B. Isman (EDS) INsect chemical 
ecology: an evolutionary approach
PUBLISHER  New York; Chapman & Hall; Aug. 1992
ORDER INFO  ISBN 0-412-01871-3; Trade Cloth; $69.95 Retail
             LCCN 92-012249
QL495 .E93 1992

13) Barbosa, Pedro and Deborah K. Letourneau
Novel Aspects of Insect-Plant Interactions
WILEY Interscience 1988 John Wiley and Sons

Brian W. Tague
Department of Biology
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem NC 27109
taguebw at wfu.edu

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