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Venus Fly Trap

James Yorton jjy at xnet.com
Sun Dec 3 20:07:10 EST 1995

In bionet.plants nhawke at dircon.co.uk (Nick Hawke) writes:
: I have a small Venus Fly Trap which seems to doing well at the moment but since 
: there are no flies around now (Winter in England) I am concerned that it will 
: not be fed properly. It cannot be given nutrients through the soil. What can I 
: feed it instead ? I understand that ordinary meat contains too much salt and 
: it would be difficult tricking the plant into believing that it has caught 
: something.

Do not give it hamburger or other red meats.  Too much grease and fat.
Go to an aquarium or pet store and buy dried meal worms, insect larvae,
etc.  They are sold as fish food.

Feed it only once every two weeks (or so.)  You needn't treat it like a
person and feed it every day or other day.  These plants are killed with
too much kindness.  When you drop a *small* piece of food in a trap,
it may not know its there.  I stick my finger inside just enough you
cause the trap to shut so it can begin the digestion process.

Also keep its compost constantly moist.  Do this by setting its pot in a
saucer of water.  Do not use ordinary plant food because this is a
carniverous plant.

Jim Yorton
jjy at xnet.com

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