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Sat Jan 15 12:45:26 EST 1994


May I take this opportunity to introduce myself as S.Denduluri of Dept. of 
Biology, Memorial University, St.John's, Canada. As I am completing my 
second Ph.D very soon,I am looking for a Postdoc Position.
 My academic background and seven 
years of experience include a M.Sc in "Cytogenetics" a M.Phil in 
 and a Ph.D in "Plant Physiology and Biochemistry". The 
research work for the M.Phil degree was on the "Toxicity of lead and its 
interaction with chelating agents on some vegetable crops grown in sewage-
irrigated soil and for the first Ph.D was on the Effects of lead, Manganese 
and chelating agents on some vegetable crops grown in sewage irrigated 
soil". During that period I was involved in estimating various physiolgical 
parameters (Plant Biomass, Ammonia-nitrogen, Nitrate-nitrogen, total 
notrogen contents, growth parameters, photosynthesis, C:N ratio etc) of 
plants exposed to metal stress besides estimating the accumulation of metal 
ions in various tissues (roots stems, leaves and fruits). I also studied 
the effect of metals on soil system.

At present I am finishing my second Ph.D  at Memorial 
University, St.John's, Canada on "Role of lipid bodies in nitrogen-fixing 
nodules of Sesbania.  All the course and research requrements towards this 
degree have been completed. THE THESIS WILL BE SUBMITTED WITHIN A WEEK OR 
SO. I was trained in nitrogen management especially in estimating the 
levels of nitrogen fixation of legumes. I also have three months of 
experience at Dept.of Forestry and Agriculture, St.John's, Canada in Soil-
Fertility Research, Nitrogen Transformations. I also conducted field and 
lab oriented research to study the nutrient cycling. I also have experience 
in handling the isotopes. I was also exposed to handle HPLC and Gas chromatography. 
Currently some papers are in progress to submit to International Journals.

e-mail    dsrinivas at kean.ucs.mun.ca

Address for correspondence:
Department of Biology
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St.John's, NF, A1B 3X9

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration and looking forward to 
hearing from you.

Srinivas Denduluri



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