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stomata and UV-B

Pedro Aphalo Pedro.Aphalo at metla.fi
Fri Jan 14 03:47:29 EST 1994

Some of you may have seen a previous (and shorter) message I posted to
bionet.plants, but as Dr. A. J. Travis answered that the connection
between bionet.plants and the list on stomata is one way only I am also
posting here.
I am writing a grant and job application, and I would like to get some
feedback on my ideas. The subject of the research would be "stomata and

UV-B affects the response of guard-cells to blue (B) and red (R) light

Possible consequences at whole plant level:
Altered stomatal response only under some conditions (e.g. low light
levels) or altered opening dynamics (e.g. slower opening). 

Grow plants under +UV-B and -UV-B conditions.
   1a) Measure dose response curves to R, B, and B under saturating R.
   1b) Measure dynamics of stomatal opening using light pulses.
   2) Measure net photosynthesis and its response to B with R background.
   3) Measure delta 13C in plant tissue and do growth analysis.
1) and 2) measurements would be done with a non-portable computer
controlled gas-exchange system.

I would like to get feedback on the following:
a) Relevance of the subject
b) Is the experimental approach reasonable?
c) Ongoin research with similar aims (at any level from MB to ecology)
d) References to papers and reviews4

Many thanks in advance.


Dr. Pedro J. Aphalo
Finnish Forest Research Institute
Suonenjoki Research Station
SF-77600 Suonenjoki, Finland
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Internet: pedro.aphalo at metla.fi

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