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Stomata and UV-B

Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Thu Jan 13 08:15:06 EST 1994

P Aphalo (pedro at uk.ac.ed.castle) wrote:
: A. J. Travis' message says that a "list about stomata" is being
: cross-posted to this group. What is the e-mail address of this 
: list? (I guess that messages from the list on stomata are fed into
: bionet.plants, but not the other way around... 8-)

stomata at mit.edu is the list address *NOT* the subscription address.

Ellen Kearns (kearns at mit.edu) is the 'owner' of the list and I've asked
her to post stomata articles here on a one-way basis (as with BEN).

I welcome such one-way email traffic generally, but greater minds than
mine will tell you that two-way exchanges cause problems that BIOSCI
was set up to resolve.  My interest is in bringing plant biologists
together in a common electronic forum and, to that extent, I think
importing other lists is useful.

: [...]
: I am writing a research plan for a grant application.  My idea is that
: the effect of UV-B on the photosystems on which direct responses of
: stomata to light depend is very poorly known.  Are there any recent, or
: not so recent, references or ongoin research on this subject? Do you
: think this is a worthwhile area of research?

I published something on (visible) blue-light responses ages ago
asserting that, whilst there was no direct evidence for the mechanism,
sufficient blue-light quanta are intercepted by a guard cell to account
for 100 times the ion-flux across the cell membrane.  We postulated
that a membrane-bound blue-light photoreceptor and electron-transport
chain _could_ represent a direct response to blue light (rather than a

Subsequent work by Eduardo Zeiger and others may have demonstrated
otherwise ;-)


Travis, A.J. and Mansfield, T.A. (1981), Light saturation of stomatal
	opening on the adaxial and abaxial epidermis of Commelina
	communis, Journal of Experimental Botany, 32, 1169-1179.

I mentioned this in a thread about blue-light responses last year.

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