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In search of the elusive Mycologist.

Kenneth W. Mudge kwm2 at crux2.cit.cornell.edu
Sat Mar 20 21:00:11 EST 1993

gsteckel at vergil.East.Sun.COM (Geoff Steckel - Sun BOS Hardware CONTRACTOR) writes:
>In article <1993Mar19.184718.21732 at netcom.com> czs at netcom.com (Christian Smith) writes:
>>Well, since you asked...    Lately there seems to be a lot of interest in
>>cultivating and eating species of mushrooms other than agarics 
>Hmm - you mean Agaricus bisporus (or whatever the taxonomists are calling
>it today?)  Agarics are a _much_ larger topic!

>> My personal interest is in collecting edible 
>>strains potentially useful for commercial production, develpoing new
>>strains through breeding and methods for spawn production.

>Have you read 'The Mushroom Cultivator' by Chilton and Stamets?  It has a lot of
>information about unusual edible species.  The mycorrhizal varieies (boletes,
>Amanitas, etc.) aren't mentioned there though.

Be careful! Mentioning Aminitas in a posting about edible mushrooms might 
suggest that they too are edible.  With few exceptions, Aminitas are
extremely poisonous; they are however mycorrhizal, but what's that got to do
with edibility? 

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