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In search of the elusive Mycologist.

Geoff Steckel - Sun BOS Hardware CONTRACTOR gsteckel at vergil.East.Sun.COM
Fri Mar 19 18:51:12 EST 1993

In article <1993Mar19.184718.21732 at netcom.com> czs at netcom.com (Christian Smith) writes:
>Well, since you asked...    Lately there seems to be a lot of interest in
>cultivating and eating species of mushrooms other than agarics 
Hmm - you mean Agaricus bisporus (or whatever the taxonomists are calling
it today?)  Agarics are a _much_ larger topic!

> My personal interest is in collecting edible 
>strains potentially useful for commercial production, develpoing new
>strains through breeding and methods for spawn production.

Have you read 'The Mushroom Cultivator' by Chilton and Stamets?  It has a lot of
information about unusual edible species.  The mycorrhizal varieies (boletes,
Amanitas, etc.) aren't mentioned there though.

There are a couple of commercial outfits in California which give courses
in hobby mycology of this sort.

My qualifications for discussing this are membership in the Boston Mycological
Club (ID committee) and successful +- cultivation of shiitake and P. ostreatus.
(real hard stuff! (:-))

	geoff steckel (gwes at trilobyte.com, gwes at wjh12.harvard.EDU)
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