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		  The Plant Industrial Platform.

The current European BRIDGE research program covers the period 1990-1993
with a total budget of 100 million ecu. The plant biotechnology sector is
well represented in two out of seven T-projects. These projects have been
set up to embrace larger areas of research for the elimination of
bottlenecks resulting from structural or scale constraints. A total of 62
laboratories have been organized into two contractual entities, each with
a precise goal:

- "Molecular identification of new plant genes". A total of 29 partners
develop systems for rapid and reliable access to novel genes. The model
plant is Arabidopsis.

- "Factors regulating plant cell growth and differentiation". Five
contracts, encompassing 33 partners make a significant investment into the
elucidation of cell signalling pathways in relation to developmental and
regenerative responses.

The above described priority topics have been defined by the Industrial
Research and Development Advisory Committee (IRDAC) in their report to the
Commission of the European Communities (CEC). Many companies have already
received information about the formation of an industrial platform for
close interactions with primarily these, but also future T-projects.

A Plant Industrial Platform was established at a meeting of some 20
companies, involved in plant biotechnology, in Lyon May 20th 1992. A
steering committee was elected to work out the details of operation and
organize the contacts with the T-project coordinators. The committee
members are:

     Iain Cubitt         Nickerson BIOCEM Ltd. UK, Chairman.
     Leen Davidse        Royal Sluis, the Netherlands.
     Marjon Akerboom     Florigene, the Netherlands.
     Michel Boulay       LVMH, France.

A permanent secretary was established in august 1992 and will be paid out
of membership fees:

     Gert de Vries       Plant Industrial Platform
			 Meerweg 6
			 The Netherlands
			 9625 PJ Overschild
			 tel. (31).5966.321
			 FAX  (31).5966.508

Aims of the Plant Industrial Platform.

1. The platform will provide means and opportunities for the exchange of
results, materials and techniques between Industry members and the
academic laboratories, involved in the two BRIDGE T-projects. New plant T-
projects, to be initiated in the future, will directly be able to profit
from PIP.

2. The platform will concentrate on scientific liaison and will not become
involved in political or regulatory affairs, nor produce position papers.
These areas are already dealt with by existing organisations such as

3. Membership is open to any European company and is not limited to the

4. The 1 or 2 yearly meetings of the contracting laboratories in the T-
projects will be attended by PIP members. The results of these meetings
will be distributed among the PIP members. Industrial contributions to
these meetings will be encouraged.

5. A member of the PIP steering committee will participate in the planning
of part of the agenda for the appropriate T-project meetings. These
meetings will be well focused.

6. Information presented in T-project Newsletters will be made available
and industrial contributions will be stimulated.

7. PIP members will be able to receive written documentation, lists of
publications from T-projects, the available basic information on the
projects and gain opportunities to contact responsible scientists.

8. The existence of the platform will not affect contractual rights of
companies or scientists already participating as contractors in the EC T-

9. The steering committee is formed such that a representative from a
company, involved in each T-project, is included as well as a
representative from a company not involved in a EC T-project and at least
one company representative not involved in GIBiP. 

Benefits for Contracting Laboratories:
- Evidence of commitment and interest from industry.
- Improved industrial contact / relationships
- Circulation of views on industrial requirements
- Improved possibilities of future funding of long
     term projects.
- Improved chance of actual use of obtained results.
- Bilateral funding opportunities outside the
- Exchange or distribution of materials, techniques
     and information not eligible for publication.

Benefits for Industrial members:
- Improved academic contact / relationships.
- Improved Commission relationships.
- Improved possibilities of future funding of long term projects.
- Wider view and chance in the scouting for useful results.
- Bilateral funding possibilities outside the platform.
- Exchange, distribution and recognition of useful materials,
     techniques and information inadequate for individual publication.


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