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is this group ill?

Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Tue Feb 16 17:51:25 EST 1993

Una Smith (smith-una at edu.yale) wrote:
: [...]
: I like bionet.plants, by the way.  Perhaps you were miffed by the
: list of alteratives to bionet.plants that I gave, which you edited
: out of your reply?  I should say I mentioned them as a rejoinder to

I'm glad you like it Una and I'm not easily miffed ;-)

I'm interested in any other botanical email/news groups that are
available and I didn't 'edit out' the alternatives you gave, I just put
the arbitron result in because it was of interest and relevant to
Jonathan's remarks about the PHOTOSYN subscribers reluctance to
subscribe to an 'active' group ...

: the original question about botanists not liking to use computers,
: not as "better" alternatives to bionet.plants.  There are lots of
: us, but there are also lots of ways to spend any personal e-mail or
: Usenet quota, and we can't all be active here.  Subscribe to all
: those mailing lists together, and you'll have more stuff in your
: mailbox than you can stand to read!

I really hate to drone on about this on bionet.plants again, but if you
pool your resources and subscribe _one_ user to the lists you are
interested in you can share them with all the other users at your site
*without* filling your mailbox or using up your quota!

Either use public mail folders, or use mail2news to post the articles
locally.  You don't have to be a sysadm to do this (but it helps).

I'm reading this on my PC at home, in the evening, and you are right I
would have more stuff than I could stand to read *if* it was in my
mailbox.  But, it isn't - it is in a shared news spool directory and I'm
reading it with "tin".  The only user here who subscribes to BIOSCI is
news at rri.sari.ac.uk.  Everyone else reads it selectively as news.

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