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is this group ill?

Una Smith smith-una at yale.edu
Mon Feb 15 22:58:14 EST 1993

Tony Travis <ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk> wrote:

>: >According to the arbitron summary posted recently by Una Smith in
>: >bionet.general 175 people were caught actually reading bionet.plants
>: >out of an estimated 6600 who are suspected of doing so:

I replied:

>: First off, I'd say ignore the estimated total readership.  For various
>: reasons it is likely to be way off.  The arbitron system reports data
>: [...]

Tony replied back:

>I thought the sarcastic tone of my message was self-evident, Una ;-(
>What was your intention in posting the arbitron ratings to
>bionet.general and then demolishing my (light hearted) use of them?

Tony, you're reading much more into this than I intended. Although
I caught (oops :-) your sarcasm, I thought you were being sarcastic
about "reading bionet.plants", not the number "6600", given that you
offered the statistic of 175 "actual" readers to the person who seems
to think the group is suffering from narcolepsy?  (Isn't "asleep" a
nicer way of putting it than "dull"?)  Anyway, I reported the arbitron
stats in bionet.general, but I neglected to mention the companion
report that discusses sources of error, so since you touched on the
issue, I thought it worth mentioning some of them.  That's all!

I like bionet.plants, by the way.  Perhaps you were miffed by the
list of alteratives to bionet.plants that I gave, which you edited
out of your reply?  I should say I mentioned them as a rejoinder to
the original question about botanists not liking to use computers,
not as "better" alternatives to bionet.plants.  There are lots of
us, but there are also lots of ways to spend any personal e-mail or
Usenet quota, and we can't all be active here.  Subscribe to all
those mailing lists together, and you'll have more stuff in your
mailbox than you can stand to read!


      Una Smith      Biology Department       smith-una at yale.edu
                     Yale University
                     New Haven, CT  06511

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