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Mechanical stress, Was:Re Who am I?

erling.floistad at ihb.nlh.no erling.floistad at ihb.nlh.no
Mon Aug 30 03:43:09 EST 1993

In  ajt at uk.ac.sari.rri (Tony Travis) writes:

(Stuff deleted)
| : Anyway, Im doing a series of experiments on the control of elongation
| : growth in vegetable transplants (seedlings).  The methode I'm studying 
| : is using brushing,or Mechanically Induced Stress.  
| I'm very interested in the response of plants to mechanical stress too.
(more deleted)
| : There are some rumours about work in this field several places across the
| : U.S.  Sofar I can oly see that one Dr. J.G. Latimer (Univ. Georgia)has 
| : been publishing on the subject.
| Can you post more details of his work, please?

Here you go:

		Dr. Joyce G. Latimer
		Department of Horticulture,  University of Georgia
		Georgia Experiment Station, Griffin
		GA 30223-1797,  U S A
 		email:  ??????????             (I'd really like to know).

Has been publishing several articles lately on the responses of different 
vegetable species to Mechanical Stress, including some on it's practical
utilization in vegetable transplant production.

This is a couple of more recent publications:

Latimer, J.G., T. Johjima and K. Harada  1991.  The effect of mechanical stress
on transplant growth and subsequent yield of four cultivars of cucumber.
Scientia Hort.  47 (3-4);  221-230.

Latimer, J.G.  1992.  For Height Control, Give Transplants The Brush.
Am.Veg.Grower  40 (4); 62-69.

Latimer, J.G.  1991.  Mechanical conditioning for control of growth and quality
of vegetable transplants.  Hort.Sci.  26 (12); 1456-1461.

(more deleted)
| : stem lenghts etc.?     How about image analysis?
| Yes, we published an automated method of measuring cell wall thickness and
| cell size recently in J. Ag. Sci. using image analysis.
How about a tiny pointer to the Vol.;pp. of this one?


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