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Who am I? Was: Reapeting messages

Tony Travis ajt at uk.ac.sari.rri
Sun Aug 29 18:51:07 EST 1993

erling.floistad at no.nlh.ihb wrote:
: [...]
: I take a chance and put inn twocentsworth.

Hello, Erling and thankyou for taking a chance :-)

: The main reason I'm reading newsgroups during my workhours is that I 
: hope to find someone out there with whom to discuss my field of work
:  ( but maybe I'm a little shy?).

.... check the time/date stamp on my message: I read news at home, at night.

: Anyway, Im doing a series of experiments on the control of elongation
: growth in vegetable transplants (seedlings).  The methode I'm studying 
: is using brushing,or Mechanically Induced Stress.  

I'm very interested in the response of plants to mechanical stress too.

: Seveal publications have documented that different plant species 
: respond to mechanical stress by reducing their elongation grotwh,  
: in addition responses like increased mechanical strenght of stem and 
: petioles.

Lignification is, amongst other things, a factor controlling cell wall
plasticity and I am interested in the extent to which adaptation to
mechanical stress affects the degradability of forages and crop
by-products by increasing lignification.  It is possible, of course,
that anatomical changes resulting from reduced elongation growth may
affect rates of degradation as an indirect consequence of cell wall
lignification.  Our group is working on the relative importance of
anatomy and chemical composition of cell walls in relation to their

: For utilising this in practical vegetable transplant production, 
: I'm concerned with finding a practical way of automated aplication 
: of mechanical stress.  I have some interresting results (up to 50 % reduced
: elongation in different brassicas !!) , and would like
: to get in touch with others who are working with elongation growth.

As I mentioned in my previous article, we have investigated differences
in the anatomy of weak strawed (Envol) and strong-strawed (Rocket)
varieties of winter oil-seed rape (Brassica napus).  Julian Vincent may
have something to say about my stiff-strawed vs. strong-strawed
nomenclature! 'Rocket' is described as stiff-strawed but 'stiffness'
has a precise meaning in plant biomechanics ...

: There are some rumours about work in this field several places across the
: U.S.  Sofar I can oly see that one Dr. J.G. Latimer (Univ. Georgia)has 
: been publishing on the subject.

Can you post more details of his work, please?

: How about all the rest of you??

: Furthermore I'd like to hear views on how to measure the changes in 
: physical properties of stem tissue.  Anybody out there who has a methode of 
: studying, and measuring differences in, cell walls in Electron micriscope
:  (SEM or TEM ) ?    (.. whithout the aid of cryopraration).

: Related to this, but along another line of developement:
: My university seems to be in the early stone age in relatin to auto- 
: mation of experiment evaluation.  Are there any sugestions for equipment
: and software to use for automatic measurement and collection of data on 
: stem lenghts etc.?	How about image analysis?

Yes, we published an automated method of measuring cell wall thickness and
cell size recently in J. Ag. Sci. using image analysis.

: How to collect these data and transfer them to spreadsheets 
: whithout having a masters in computer science?

Now you are talking ;-(

: Whether or not you take any interrest in the above questions:

:                 		HAVE A NICE DAY !!

Thanks for posting you message Erling, and let's hope it encourages a
few other people to post to the group.  

Dr. A.J.Travis,                       |  JANET: <ajt at uk.ac.sari.rri>
Rowett Research Institute,            |  other: <ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk>
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