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erling.floistad at ihb.nlh.no erling.floistad at ihb.nlh.no
Thu Aug 26 05:20:16 EST 1993

In  <1993Aug25.120739.17692 at infodev.cam.ac.uk>  mjgh at mbfs.bio.cam.ac.uk (Martin Hughes (Biochem)) writes:
| In article <1993Aug25.092649.6354 at gserv1.dl.ac.uk> ajt at uk.ac.sari.rri writes:
| [Tony apologises and explains multiple postings and then says]
| >I get the impression that there are many more readers than posters on
| >bionet.plants and I want to invite them to post an article here and
| >introduce themselves.  This is a discussion group, so let's use it to
| >discuss current issues in plant biology.
| [and then he goes on to give an interesting description of his
| work on degradability of straw]
| I think there is a problem here in what Tony wants to see happening.
| Essentially, we are all working on our own projects, which either
| (a) we imagine no-one else is interested in, (b) are in a competative
| field, and so there is a reluctance to talk about our results, and/
| or (c) are too "shy" to post.
| The Bionet groups with the largest traffic are those which deal with
| "problems" and techniques.  It seems to me that there are a lot of
| people out there (myself included) who are very willing to help
| people with technical problems (usually by Email response rather
| than by posting).  Having said that, the only time I posted a query
| on b.p., I recieved only 1 response.  Possibly that reflects
| a smaller number of folks reading, and being willing to respond to
| this group than on, say, b.molbio.methds.reagnts.  
| So, whilst I agree that what Tony proposes would be nice, I cannot
| really see any such thing happening UNLESS we sort of reformed
| the group as a sort of Global Journal Club (since I believe that
| not too many people are really going to be too willing to discuss
| the ins and outs of their own work on a global network).
| Any other thoughts?
| Martin
| -- 
| Martin J. G. Hughes
| Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.
| Email: mjgh at mbfs.bio.cam.ac.uk

I take a chance and put inn twocentsworth.

The main reason I'm reading newsgroups during my workhours is that I 
hope to find someone out there with whom to discuss my field of work
 ( but maybe I'm a little shy?).

Anyway, Im doing a series of experiments on the control of elongation
growth in vegetable transplants (seedlings).  The methode I'm studying 
is using brushing,or Mechanically Induced Stress.  

Seveal publications have documented that different plant species 
respond to mechanical stress by reducing their elongation grotwh,  
in addition responses like increased mechanical strenght of stem and 

For utilising this in practical vegetable transplant production, 
I'm concerned with finding a practical way of automated aplication 
of mechanical stress.  I have some interresting results (up to 50 % reduced
elongation in different brassicas !!) , and would like
to get in touch with others who are working with elongation growth.

There are some rumours about work in this field several places across the
U.S.  Sofar I can oly see that one Dr. J.G. Latimer (Univ. Georgia)has 
been publishing on the subject.

How about all the rest of you??

Furthermore I'd like to hear views on how to measure the changes in 
physical properties of stem tissue.  Anybody out there who has a methode of 
studying, and measuring differences in, cell walls in Electron micriscope
 (SEM or TEM ) ?    (.. whithout the aid of cryopraration).

Related to this, but along another line of developement:
My university seems to be in the early stone age in relatin to auto- 
mation of experiment evaluation.  Are there any sugestions for equipment
and software to use for automatic measurement and collection of data on 
stem lenghts etc.?	How about image analysis?

How to collect these data and transfer them to spreadsheets 
whithout having a masters in computer science?

Whether or not you take any interrest in the above questions:

                		HAVE A NICE DAY !!

Erling Floistad   syn:Floeistad, Flistad        e-mail: hagef at nlh.no
Ph.D. Stud.,   Dept. of Horticulture,            s-mail: Po.Box 5022
              div. of Vegetable Growing                  N-1432 AAS
          Agricultural University of Norway              NORWAY
Phone:  +47 6494 7826                               Fax: +47 6494 7802

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