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why do we want bionet.plants? [was: Re: Reapeting messages]

Tony Travis ajt at uk.ac.sari.rri
Wed Aug 25 10:25:43 EST 1993

Martin Hughes (Biochem) (mjgh at uk.ac.cam.bio.mbfs) wrote:
: [ajt: encouragement for readers to become posters...]
: I think there is a problem here in what Tony wants to see happening.

Maybe ...

: Essentially, we are all working on our own projects, which either
: (a) we imagine no-one else is interested in,

The important word here is _imagine_ ;-)

: (b) are in a competative
: field, and so there is a reluctance to talk about our results, and/

Ok, but what is the difference between talking here and, say, at a

: or (c) are too "shy" to post.

I accept this, but as a group we can do something about it and create
an environment that encourages people to use news/email to communicate.

The most important aspect, in my opinion, is making criticism
constructive.  I think this group is already quite good from that point
of view and very little of the character assassination that occurs from
time to time in other groups goes on in bionet plants (I'm leaving
myself wide open here ...).

: The Bionet groups with the largest traffic are those which deal with
: "problems" and techniques.  It seems to me that there are a lot of
: people out there (myself included) who are very willing to help
: people with technical problems (usually by Email response rather
: than by posting).  Having said that, the only time I posted a query
: on b.p., I recieved only 1 response.  Possibly that reflects
: a smaller number of folks reading, and being willing to respond to
: this group than on, say, b.molbio.methds.reagnts.  

Quality, not quantity on bionet.plants :-)

: So, whilst I agree that what Tony proposes would be nice, I cannot
: really see any such thing happening UNLESS we sort of reformed
: the group as a sort of Global Journal Club (since I believe that
: not too many people are really going to be too willing to discuss
: the ins and outs of their own work on a global network).
: Any other thoughts?

Yes, it would be nice but no-one is going to discuss the real ins and
outs of their work in a public forum in case they expose their own
weaknesses and insecurity to competitors.  I think it might be useful
to discuss what we want from bionet.plants: my view is that it is a
good way of making informal contacts without using up the travel

Some of the discussions here have been quite interesting, and I think
bionet.plants is worth continuing, but then I'm easily pleased.  So,
what do *we* want bionet.plants to become?

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