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Dracaena draco

Lenadams Dorris lenadams at mojave.win.net
Mon Aug 23 13:01:16 EST 1993

In article <2535t5$dad at genesis.MCS.COM>, Kenneth Skiles (kas at genesis.MCS.COM) writes:
>I went to a local greenhouse to buy some assorted dracaena.  I found the
>deremensis, fragrans, marginata, sanderiana and godseffiana.  But when I
>asked about the draco that I didn't see, the guy told me that they don't
>sell those.  He said they get way too large for indoor plants, sort of 
>like a large tree.  The book I'm using says these draco only get about
>4 ft tall.  Who is wrong, the book or the greenhouse guy?
>The book is 'The Photographic Encyclopedia of Indoor Plants' by 
>David Squire.
Dracaena draco gets VERY big...I have seen specimens up to forty or
so feet tall (and almost as wide) in the Madeiras. Of course, the
other Dracaenas are no slouches, either, but tend to stay smaller
in indoor pots. I would guess the main reason D. draco isn't used
for interscapes is that it is less interesting visually than its

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