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Conditions for growing Venus fly traps?

Tom Savard tasavard at phy.duke.edu
Mon Aug 23 11:39:53 EST 1993

A couple months ago I posted a question regarding artificial lighting for
growing Venus-fly-traps. From the information I received from the replies, I
went out and purchased an 18 Watt Gro and Show flourescent light made by GE.
So far, the plants have not responded well to the artificial lighting.
Consequently, I have a few questions:

1) What light intensity do the plants prefer (Watt/cm^2)? Or how close
should the light be to the plants? How many hours of light do they require?

2) Does the light I purchased produce the required wavelengths necessary for
plant growth? If not, where can I purchase the correct light bulbs/fixtures?
(I searched for about a week around Durham and all I could find is the Gro
and Show.)  Can you provide a manufacturer's phone number?

3) Do Venus-fly traps need to be grown in high-humidity? Do I need a
terrarium? Right now, I am growing them in an air conditioned townhouse
which might not be ideal.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Please reply via email!

	Tom Savard/Physics	(919)-660-2515
	P.O. Box 90305
	Duke University
	Durham, N.C.      27708-0305			

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