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Cameron Laird claird at NeoSoft.com
Thu Aug 19 08:11:52 EST 1993

In article <NICOOK.93Aug18221300 at thor.albany.edu> nicook at csc.albany.edu (Nicole Peyrefitte) writes:
>i am looking for infos on origin of corn -books, articles etc..?
>thank you
>please post at this group or at my email address.(nicook at csc.albany.edu) 

"origin of corn"--do you mean the phylogenetics of maize?
There's certainly plenty written on that.  Without knowing
more about where you intend to go with this, I still re-

	Fussell, Betty
	1992	The Story of Corn.  Alfred A.
		Knopf, Jr., New York.  0-394-
		57805-8, 356 pages, $30.00

It's a marvelous book--that is, it concerns itself with
many of my favorite topics:  the economics of corn in the
USA; harvesting machines; Nikita Khrushchev; when to pick;
the erotic sublimations that seem to accompany *Zea mays*;
mesoamerican civilizations; what French cuisine does with
cornmeal; and metate styles--and does so with Fussell's
customary polish and rich Knopf production values.  There
are descriptions and photographs of Mangelsdorf, Beadle,
MacNeish, and Guzman, which should adequately answer your
question about origins.

Everyone should read *The Story of Corn*.  No, really;
Fussell's prose is the acme of *New York Times*-*New Yorker*
charm, and the story is, for my money, as important as any
in our culture.  The ten-page "Selected Bibliography" is a
pleasantly heterogeneous bonus.

Cameron Laird
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