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Bugs on plant

hagef at nlh10.nlh.no hagef at nlh10.nlh.no
Thu Aug 12 06:14:11 EST 1993

In  <9308111402.AA23328 at phibred.phibred.com>  murrayian at PHIBRED.COM (Ian Murray) writes:
| Hello avid netters,
| I have plants with brown capsules on the leaves and stems. It appears to be an
| infestation as, under the microscope there are white eggs? inside.  The plants
| release a sticky substance on the leaves.  Vinager and water wash and removal
| of the capsules works for a time, but they reappear.
| HOW can I get RID of them permenantly, (the plants are indoors)

Your problem is an insect closely related to aphids, but a stationary insect
called scale.  ( Belonging to the family Coccidae.)  Some of the species of
scale are really hostile, and are only effectively removed by alternative
one, (see below).

Basically, you have but two effective alternatives:

One:  get rid of the infected plants altogether. ( The only certain way, and
      your local "plant-shop" will be more than pleased to sell you new ones.)

Two:  Use major hostile pesticides,  toxic substances thet are absorbed by
      your plants, and then ingested by these insects, who are hopefully
      not ressistant.

As you are probably not content with any of these, keep up the good washing.
Be careful to repeat it every week for four weeks, even if you dont see
any new scales.  This may or may not terminate your problem.

Btw: have you tried a mild detergent in your water wash?

Good luck,   Erling.

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