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Wildflower chauvinism

Thu May 28 08:38:39 EST 1992

As part of an ongoing discussion, GELLMORE at PEARL.TUFTS.EDU writes:
>Having lived in both CA and MASS, I wonder if the commercial bias 
>toward CA wildflowers etc...

I have to confess that this discussion on CA vs MA starts to raise my patriotic
hackles. Pardon my response to you leftcoast and rightcoast chauvinists, but
those of us here in the promised land don't find any particular bias in
availability to either set of wildflowers. We can go down to the store and buy
plenty of our own. As a partial listing, try bluebonnets (of course), indian
paintbrushes, coreopsis, digitalis, verbena, a variety of _Salvia_, lantana,
gaillardias, oenotheras, blackfoot and other daisies, gayfeather, Mexican hat,
coneflowers and a whole lot more. In addition, ours will hunker down through
January blue northers, stay rooted in a springtime flood and keep blooming when
it doesn't rain from June to September. Many will wrestle a herbivore to the
ground, eat a St. Augustine lawn for lunch and never drop a flowerbud. Sorry for
the flames, but sometimes one just needs to grab the flag and a rifle and start
yelling. I feel much better now and promise not to clutter up the taxpayers'
network any more 8-).

P.S. We have lots of native plant nurseries around here. Is that not typical of
elsewhere? If not, maybe someone can make a buck and perform a real service.

Stridently yours,
Mike Ready
   | Dr. Michael P. Ready                     | READY at UTBC01.CM.UTEXAS.EDU |
   | Clayton Foundation Biochemical Institute | Phone: (512)471-3625       |
   | University of Texas                      | FAX:   (512)471-8696       |
   | Austin, Texas 78737                      |                            |

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