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Botanical Poison Ivy Antidote?

S. A. Modena samodena at csemail.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Thu Jul 9 00:55:55 EST 1992

In article <robison1.710571215 at husc9> robison1 at husc9.harvard.edu (Keith Robison) writes:
>Any help on this would be appreciated.  It is long-standing lore
>in the camping world that the juice of jewelweed* (a wild impatiens)
>is an antidote for poison ivy.  Does anyone know of _any_ 

>Keith Robison
>robison at ribo.harvard.edu 

It was lore of the Conservation Corps way back before the dawn of modern
times, that rubbing on PokeWeed was a preventative to the effects of
Poison Ivy....it must be true, because the person who told me vividly
described how he never got Poison Ivy symptoms despite pulling the
damn stuff out with his bare hands.  ;^)

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