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Radiation evident in linseed oil?

Mick mick___ at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 21 13:12:19 EST 2002

WEWilliams at smcm.edu (Bill Williams) wrote in message
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> At 3:02 PM +0000 11/20/02, Mick wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I'm trying to find out about some purported facts which were in
> >tonight's plot on Law and Order: Criminal Intent (this is in
> >Australia, BTW - I don't know what lag we have on episodes). Any help
> >will be appreciated.
> ...
> >Has there
> >been an increase in radiation of enough significance (or perhaps of a
> >specific type) that would make recently manufactured linseed oil
> >noticeably different to linseed oil made pre-1945? If you're unsure 
> >the radiation change - does it make sense that the oil would be
> >noticeably different if we accept that hypothesised radiation change?
> My guess is that they're not referring to radiation per se, but to 
> the changed levels of 14C. The atomic testing (not just Hiroshima and 
> Nagasaki) done in the late 40s and early 50s did significantly 
> increase the atmospheric concentration of 14C ("carbon 14"),

Thanks a lot for all this. Great stuff. I managed to find useful pages
once I entered 'carbon 14 1945 atmospheric concentration' in Google -

This one takes a while to load but halfway down it under 'Bomb
Effects' there's a quick summary of how significant the increase in
14C has been.
This is Chinese research on correlation of date with 14C in collagen
of teeth extracted from 1920-1977.

> since all living things are made of carbon that ultimately comes from 
> atmospheric CO2, the ratio of 14C to other carbon isotopes is, in 
> fact, quite measurably higher in organic material made since then. 
> Carbon 14 is radioactive, but the change in total radiation caused by 
> these increased levels is extremely small and requires very 
> specialized procedures (similar to carbon dating) to detect. But it 
> can definitely be done.

Thank you very much, William. Now I'll start with 'carbon 14 art
forgery' and see what I get :)

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