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peach trees

William J. Marose wjmarose at umd5.umd.edu
Sun Mar 19 20:47:38 EST 2000

Pruning peach trees is very important.  Once a peach tree gets out of hand 
due to improper pruning its production is greatly reduced.  In the eastern 
US ( I am an agricultural consultant in Maryland) most commercial growers 
prune trees in what is called an open center.  There are 3-4 main scaffold 
limbs about waist to chest high branching out so the center of the tree is 
open to the sun light.  This is the direct opposite way that apple trees 
are pruned.  Most eastern apples are pruned with a central leader.

There is great discussion and consternation as how to correctly prune a 
peach tree.  Some growers that I work with (with more that 20 years 
experience  growing peaches) still are not sure that they are pruning 

The first year you should be concerned with getting the tree 
established.  Prune off any suckers and cut back the leader at 
transplanting.  Cut back any long and lanky branches.  I am told that you 
should try to picture the way you want the tree to look in the future and 
start forming the tree to this image.  The second and third year's pruning 
is important in shaping the tree.

Bill Marose
Marose Ag-Consulting

At 02:24 AM 03/18/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Never pruned? Doesn't sound right to me. I had a couple of ornamental peach
>trees in Texas that would have grown completely out of control without
>pruning. I have heard, however, that they are susceptible to gum disease and
>insects, so you might want to take precautions as far as keeping your tools
>clean and painting over wounds. To tell the truth, though, I was never very
>consciencious about pruning hygiene and it didn't seem to make any
>difference. My understanding is that peach trees grow very fast but
>generally don't live much longer than 10 years or so. One of my trees died
>about 4 years after I planted the seedling and the other was still quite
>healthy (and big, for a peach tree) at about 12 years after planting when I
>left Texas.
>joanna wrote in message ...
> >would any one know if I should prune our  first year peach tree this
> >I have heard  from an unreliable source that peach trees should never be
> >pruned...
> >thank you
> >Joanna
> >
> >


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