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Florida Food Security Meeting This Week

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Mon Jun 1 09:24:29 EST 1998

From: earthweaver
Full-Name: Carol F. Mosley
X-Status: New

AGENDA			St. Thomas University			
    Miami, Florida 			       June 6, 19989am -
10am	Registration/ Coffee & Tea10am - 10:30	Introduction by
Carol Mosley, State Co-coordinator of Florida Coalition for Peace &
Justice	Musical introduction by Dan Kauffman10:30 -
noon	Panel Discussion I:	Rebecca Schleifer, Esq. (Migrant
Farmworker Justice Project, Florida Legal Services)	Cathy Gilbert
(Radiation and Public Health Project)	Gerrie DeVoe ("Food
Irradiation Consequences")noon - 12:30	Initiation of "Triumph of
the Commons" food tree planting12:30 - 1:30pm	Realities check
luncheon1:30 - 2:15pm 	Keynote Speaker: Delia Quigley
	(Host of environmental and alternative health radio show in New
Jersey; founder and president of Women for a Safe Future; author of two
vegetarian cookbooks)2:15 - 2:30pm	Break2:30 - 4pm	Panel
Discussion II:	Marty Mesh (Director, Florida Certified Organic
Growers Association, Inc.)	Cynthia Cowen (Chairperson for Miami
chapter of Earth Save International)	Dan Hemenway, (Founder of
Elfin Permaculture/Yankee Permaculture Publications)4 -5pm	Plenary
discussion/ Wrap-up			ABOUT THE PARTICIPANTSDelia
Quigley:	Delia is author of two acclaimed vegetarian cookbooks and
host of "Food For Thought" on WNTI in New Jersey. She is founder and
president of Women For a Safe Future. Delia is a Kushi certified
Macrobiotic chef, Jin Shin Jyutsu therapist and Yoga instructor. She also
worked closely with Dr. Wally Burnstein, founder of Food and Water, Inc.,
on numerous environmental issues from 1993 to 1996.Rebecca
Schleifer:	Rebecca is staff attorney with the Migrant Farmworker
Justice Project in Belle Glade and has membership in the California,
Florida and Washington state bars and the American Public Health
Association. She is co-author of a March 1998 report on "Indifference to
Safety: Florida Investigation into Pesticide Poisoning of
Farmworkers.Cathy Gilbert: 	Most recently, Cathy has been working
with Dr. Jerry Brown of the Radiation and Public Health Project studying
the effects of low-level nuclear radiation which makes its way into our
food and water supply. Gerrie DeVoe:	Gerrie is a longtime activist
and concerned citizen opposing food irradiation for many years. She has
done extensive research on this issue and will address her findings on
the information that has not been publicized.Marty Mesh:	Marty is
the Executive Director for the Florida Certified Organic Growers and
Consumers, Inc. (FOG). The goal of FOG is to assist organic growers to
become certified and to distribute information to farmers and consumers
about organic and sustainable agricultural practices.Cynthia
Cowen:	Cynthia is chairperson for the Miami chapter of EarthSave
International and former co-ordinator of the Vegetarian Studies program
at Miami Dade Community College Environmental CenterDan
Hemenway:	Dan is founder of Elfin Permaculture outreach and
educational program and Yankee Permaculture publications. He is
recognized as among the most innovative teachers of Permaculture design
and concept. Dan is also founder, editor and publisher of The
International Permaculture Solutions Journal and PROD (Permaculture
Review Overview and Digest). He is program director of APT (Advanced
Permaculture Training), founder of FERN (Forest Ecosystem Rescue Network)
and active in related movements, such as remineralization.
			PROGRAM CO-SPONSORSSt. Thomas University Center
for Justice and Peace; Miami Chapter of EarthSave International; NALITH
Foundation; Wild Oats Market, Pinecrest; Florida Green Party; Food Not
Bombs, Gainesville & St. Petersburg; Florida Certified Organic Growers,
Inc.; Grandparents For Peace, St. Agustine; Jerry Bosworth; Metanoia
Community, Jacksonville; Brevardians for Peace and JusticeFlorida
Coalition for Peace & Justice, P.O. Box 90035, Gainesville, Florida
32607; (352)468-3295; fcpj at afn.org;    www.afn.org/~fcpj/


Dear Friends,	Please assist with this very important topic. If you can
help organize this food security campaign and conference, please let us
know. 	Thanks in advance for your help!Peace/love,Carol MosleyFCPJ
Coordinatorearthweaver at juno.com	FLORIDA COALITION FOR PEACE &
JUSTICE	                    FOOD SECURITY:          RECOVERING OUR
CORPORATE AND MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL                                        
CONFERENCE			JUNE 6, 1998		        
St. Thomas University			Miami,
Florida		What in the world is going on?While we were trying
to reduce our consumption of pesticides and eat lower on the food chain,
the corporate food giants were lobbying congress to weaken the standards
for organic food so that they could grab control of the market. While we
did our best to avoid buying irradiated foods, the nuclear industry was
pushing to do away with the labeling that would let us know we are eating
toxic sludge.While "Mad Cow's Disease" became an epidemic in England, the
cattle industry and other food oligopolies were enacting "food
disparagement laws" that would silence the media from exposing the
horrors of our food industries.While we were looking in disbelief at
"Dolly," the test-tube sheep, W.R. Grace Company of Boca Raton was
diligently applying for worldwide species patents on soybeans and
Monsanto was compiling a "consolidation of the entire food chain."
(Robert Fraley, Monsanto)While we were watching the "Rover" map out Mars,
Lockheed Martin (the world's largest arms-producing company) and Rockwell
International were securing their share of the food control industry by
promoting "precision farming" through satellite
monitoring.				ISSUESWeakened Organic
Standards	   Food Irradiation	         Food Disparagement
LawsCorporate Food Monopolies	   Genetic Seed Patenting  Third
World "Bio-serfdom"Water Contamination 	   Topsoil Loss           
        Rainforest DevastationFarmworkers' Rights	                
     Pesticide Exposure           Malnutrition and StarvationLoss of
Species Diversity	 Animal Rights Mad Cows and Manufactured
SheepCancer, Heart Attack and Stroke     Osteoporosis	High Blood
Pressure			       SOLUTIONS		Don't get
frustrated, get informed and then get busy!!Panelists will share their
expertise on the issues and together we will examine ways in which we can
individually and collectively recover our rights to healthful food and a
healthy planet for ourselves and future generations.Plan to attend and
plan to take action when you leave . Our empowerment lies in our unified
voices and personal commitment to initiate change.             Join the
Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice in an ongoing 		 Food
Security Campaign!!                                        CONFERENCE
REGISTRATIONEnclosed is my check for $__________ (sliding scale $10-$20).
  Please include me/us as a sponsor $_________I can't attend but here is
my donation to the Food Security Campaign
Address____________________________________________City, State, Zip
___________________________ Phone__________________
email______________________Return to:Florida Coalition For Peace &
Justice, P.O. Box 90035, Gainesville, Florida 32607(352) 468-3295e-mail:
fcpj at afn.org

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