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Dr. David Starrett dstarret at BIOLOGY.SEMO.EDU
Mon Feb 16 11:23:32 EST 1998

>There is a nice article in the current issue of Discover
>magazine on this topic...it is well written I think and
>undergrads can get an idea about the evolution/religion

>perigynous, etc.).  I'm coming around to the conclusion that
>in our introductory course, we need to have a unit on what
>IS science? How do we DO science? When should we USE science?
>and so on.  This needs to be part of the curriculum on the test
>as well as in the lecture.  I think it is the toe-in-the-door
>to student's minds.

For all interested, we do just this with our intro bio majors course (as
well as in non-majors course).  Take a look at the homepage.  Check out the
link to the study guide which gives an idea on our approach.  It is a
fairly successful class in getting students to earn HOW & WHY rather than
WHAT.  They hate it at first, but by the end are very excited about the
style, even to being disspaointed at subsequent bio classe swhich are more
content oriented.  

Check out the bulletin board to get an idea what students are thinming
about in the class.


Yes, the syallabi are outdated, I am a tad behind.  The study guide has a
newrre version I am working on putting up.

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