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ABLE announcement

Sun Sep 24 20:35:10 EST 1995

Plant-ed:  This message is a forward from Sue Karcher regarding the next ABLE
meeting.   Please reply to Sue or Elizabeth Godrick at the e-mail addresses
listed below.  Thanks,  Jon

The 18th annual workshop/conference of ABLE will be held at Boston University
from June 11-14, 1996.  This is a call for interesting, innovative, and
reliable laboratory exercises to be presented at this meeting.
Each year the annual ABLE workshop/conference brings together a group of about
18 selected presenters with a group of about 150 participants from university
and college biology departments throughout the U.S. and Canada.  In three very
full days, participants are actively involved in at least six 3-hour laboratory
workshops.  The presenters are individuals who have developed interesting,
innovative, and reliable exercises, approaches, or systems for teaching in the
undergraduate biology laboratory.  They are asked to provide all of the
essential information and experiences that the potential user of the laboratory
would require in order to "take it home" and use the exercise in their own
teaching program.  The presenter need not necessarily be the individual who
originally created the laboratory exercise.
If you would like to present a workshop at ABLE '96 at Boston University,
please submit (1) a copy of the laboratory exercise and (2) a list of materials
required, no later than October 1, to Dr. Susan J. Karcher, Workshop selection
chair, G-225 Lilly Hall, Department of Biological Sciences, Purdue University,
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1392, (317) 494-8083, FAX: (317) 494-0876, e-mail:
suek at bilbo.bio. purdue.edu
For more information about the Boston ABLE meeting, please contact:  Dr.
Elizabeth Godrick, Host of ABLE '96, Department of Biology, Boston University,
5 Cummington Street, Boston, MA 02215-2406, (617) 353-2472, FAX (617) 353-6340,
e-mail: godrick at bio.bu.edu
Examples of Workshops Presented at Past ABLE Conferences
Human DNA Fingerprinting using PCR, Mark Bloom (DNA Learning Center, Cold
Spring Harbor)
Non-Radioactive DNA Hybridization Experiments for the Undergraduate Laboratory:
The Southern Blot Analysis, S.J. Karcher (Purdue University)
Contemporary Human Cytogenetics, Somatic Cell Hybridization, and the Human Gene
Map, H.A. Taylor (Greenwood Genetics Center)
Honey Bee Venom Detected by Enzyme Immunoassay,  M. Janis (Univ. of Alaska,
Responses by Stomata on Leaves to Microenvironmental Conditions, C.A. Brewer
(University of Wyoming)
Preditor Prey Coevolution, L. Van Thiel (Wayne State University)
Tetrad Analysis and Gene Mapping in Sodaria,  J. Glase (Cornell University)
Enzyme Investigations for Introductory Courses, R.B. Pitkin (Shippensburg
Organelle Isolation and Marker Enzyme Assay, H. Padh (The University of
Inheritance of Aldehyde Oxidase in Drosophila melanogaster, J.G. Morgan and V.
Finnerty (Emory University)
Transposon Mutagenesis of Rhadobacter sphaeroides, T. Paustian and R. Kurtz (U.
of Wisconsin)
Use of Fern Gametophytes to Teach Concepts of Plant Development, D.T. Webb
(Queen's University)
Energetics of Aquatic Ecosystems, W.E. Leonard (University of Nebraska)
Diversity of Photosynthetic Pigments, A. .F. Motten (Duke University)
An Introduction to Stereological Analysis: Morphometric Techniques for
Beginning Biologists, M.D. Sundberg (Louisiana State University)
A Field Study of Interspecific Relationships, H. Mann, L. Bateman, A.E. Burger
and M.H. Iams (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
Chemical Communication in Cockroaches, W.J. Bell (University of Kansas)
The Use of Fossils in Interpreting Past Environments, B.H. Breithaupt (Univ. of
Active Transport in Insect Malphigian Tubules,  D. Silverthorn (Univ. of Texas
at Austin)
  Jonathan Monroe	 	 voice:  540-568-6649 (office)
  Department of Biology                  540-568-6045 (lab)
  James Madison University       fax:    540-568-3333
  Harrisonburg, VA 22807-0001	 e-mail: monroejd at jmu.edu
    www: www.jmu.edu/biology/biofac/jmonroe/jmonroe.html

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