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Tryps meeting - Final announcement

Alberto M. R. Davila - DBBM davila at gene.dbbm.fiocruz.br
Fri Aug 4 05:18:34 EST 2000

                    TRYPANOSOMATIDS - TICSTT 2000
          Mirror: http://pubweb.nwu.edu/~kmt564/TICSTT.html 

Millenium Overviews:

George Cross:  
African trypanosomes in the 21st century: What is their future in science
and in health. 

John R. Seed. 
African trypanosomiasis research: 100 years of progress, but questions and
problems still remain. 
1) Biology and Ultrastructure 

Keith Gull
 The Biology of Kinetoplastids:  New insights and challenges from 
 genomics and post-genomics.

James Morris and Paul Englund  
 Kinetoplast DNA Replication: An Update for the Year 2000 
Michel Dollet  
 Phloem restricted trypanosomatids form a clearly characterized
 monophyletic group among trypanosomatids isolated from plants.  

Peter Overath 
 The surface structure of trypanosomes in relation to their molecular
Kevin Tyler 
 The life-cycle of Trypanosoma cruzi revisited 

2) Biochemistry and Drug development 

Fred Opperdoes  
 Glycolytic enzymes as drug targets. 

Stefan Kunz, KeWei Gong, Roya Zoraghi, Rahel Schaub and Thomas Seebeck. 
 cAMP signaling in T. brucei:Cyclases and phosphodiesterases. 
Herb Tanowitz  
 The role of the mitogen-activated protein kinase-endothelin-1 pathway in
 the pathogenesis of Chagasic Heart Disease. 
Mecia M. Oliveira  
 Inositol metabolism in T. cruzi: a potential target for the Chagas'
 disease chemotherapy  
Harry P. de Konig  
 Transporters in T.b.brucei: role in drug action and resistance 

3) Molecular Biology 

Piet Borst  
 Control of trypanosome expression sites for Variant Surface
Luc Vanhamme and Etienne Pays  
 Function and regulation of the VSG expression sites of T. brucei. 
Wim Degrave et al. 
 The trypanosomatid genome projects - A current state of play. 
Yara M. Traub-Cseko.  
 Cellular trafficking in trypanosomatids: a new target for therapies?  

4) Immunology and Pathology 

Rick Tarleton  
 Parasite persistence in the etiology of Chagas disease. 
Dave Engman  
 Autoimmune pathogenesis of Chagas disease. 
Samuel J. Black, Noel B. Murphy, Derek P. Nolan. 
 Innate and acquired resistance to trypanosomiasis in Cape buffalo. 
Edith Authie  
 Immunological strategies for control of livestock trypanosomosis . 
Patrick T. K. Woo  
 Cryptobiosis and its Control in North American Fishes 
5) Epidemiology 

Michel Tibayrenc. 
 The European Centre for Infectious Diseases, a sorely needed structure
 for an efficient control of infectious and parasitic diseases in Northern
 and Southern countries. 
Peter Van den Bossche  
 The epidemiology and control of bovine trypanosomosis in southern Africa.  
Geoff Hide  
 Use of mobile genetic elements as tools for molecular epidemiology.  
John McDermott and Paul Coleman 
 Comparing apples and oranges: model-based assessment of different control
 strategies for tsetse-transmitted trypanosomosis.  
Marc Desquesnes  
  ITS of rDNA as tool for livestock trypanosome diagnosis  

6) Vectors 

Charles Beard, EM Dotson, PM Pennington, S Eichler, C Cordon-Rosales, and
 RV Durvasula. 
 Bacterial Symbiosis and Paratransgenic Control of Vector-borne Chagas 

Francis Oloo  
 The status of research on and control of tsetse flies and other
 trypanosomiasis vectors in Eastern Africa: the challenges for this
Ian Maudlin and Chris Schofield  
 Approaches to Vector control in the Old and New World 
Dale C and Welburn SC  
 The endosymbionts of tsetse flies. 
Priscilla Emmanuele Machado, Iriane Eger-Mangrich, Gisele Rosa, Leonardo
 Barbosa Koerich, Edmundo Carlos Grisard, Mrio Steindel 
 Differential susceptibility of triatomines of the genus Rhodnius to
 Trypanosoma rangeli strains from different geographical regions. 
Alexandre Afranio Peixoto 
 New molecular markers for Phlebotomine Sandflies 

Special debate on Phylogeny and Evolution 

Hooman Momen 
  Some current problems in the systematics of Trypanosomatids  
Wendy Gibson 
  Sex and evolution in trypanosomes 
Sergei Podlipaev  
  The more insect trypanosomatids under study - the more diverse
  Trypanosomatidae appears 

Conclusions and Recommendations 

Alberto M. R. Davila and Kevin M. Tyler

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