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Punkinpant at aol.com Punkinpant at aol.com
Fri Aug 27 16:13:52 EST 1999

DR, Blaster
I believe this to be a life and death situation. I am in desperate need of 
someone that can help me. 
I am 44 yrs old and 5 years ago I contracted what I believe to be a parasite. 
I have been in hell ever since. They seem to correlate with an eye condition 
that has caused ulcers on my cornea that have made it nessary for me to have 
a cornea transplant. I have a few days of relief about every month, At this 
time my eyes become better and my skin becomes clearer. when my skin flares 
up so do my eyes. I have scars on my arms that become read and itchy when I 
have a breakout of these things..the time in-between the scars are white and 
rather shinny. They seem to travel on a spider like thread on the surface of 
my skin or just below it. An example There is I thread like line from the 
outer corner of my eye to my ear and into my hair line the same from my nose 
to my mouth there seems to most times be two of them. One spade shaped or 
oval one attached by the same thread to a longer thinner shape, They are in 
my eyes nose, mouth, throat, and ears. They travel from outside to inside. If 
one is in my eye and I try to get it out it will go to my ear and so on. They 
are also on my wrists on the top of my hands. bottom of my feet in my head 
they are also in my genitals. Also under my nails and in-between my fingers. 
they are clear, white or dark blue or black, thread like worms under a 
magnifying glass there seems to be many tiny bugs attached in a long line. 
The thread is like a spiders one..The the thread or worm outline my eye lids, 
my nostrils. My lips and my pubic area There is a long one that runs from hip 
to hip above my hair line and below my navel. My stomach is hanging slightly 
and my pubic area seems swollen or just bigger. It seems some have bore a 
path from the inside out on some parts of my nose. They start out like a 
black speck They seem to shoot to a spot and dive in leaving two small black 
dots. Its like a snake hole an entrance and an exit.[they look like little 
black lines They are almost impossible to pull out/they shoot out to another 
location.  If I try to get one out of my eye it gets into my hand, when I 
scratch it or try to remove it They then develop a new look they become a 
dark spot shaped like a spade. With a slight line going through it the long 
way. it is elevated. This spot is not really active.Ive tried to remove one 
and it left a pretty deep hole in my arm. It bleed rather a lot to me. There 
are tiny on the top of the dark spade shaped thing. dots forming a circular 
pattern around its edges. From these dots come white or clear worm like  
things. They move cuickly. there is a thread that attaches a long shape to 
the spade shape. They start around 4 OK and go on until dawn.
I can almost set my clock on it.
My eyes are the worst. I can remove some of them from my conductive tract but 
some seem to be coming from behind my eye, I am going slowly blind, My 
hearing is starting to fade, They are in my ears, I am sure they are in my 
stools. I am sure if I dot get some help I will eventually die from them. I 
have an idea they are in my lungs, Lately I have become congested. In a 
different way than a cold does. I have seen doctors, I dot think they know 
what to look fore. The dermatologist only looks at hl skin and the eye doctor 
looks only at the eyes. They dot see the connection I have been to an 
internals, But the damn things were quiet that day, He said no parasite was 
internal and external, He suggested a phyciatrast.I went to counceling They 
sent me to a doctore.She agreed it was a medical problem not phyical..No one 
took a blood test except for aids. It was negative 3 x.
My life has been destroyed I lost my job I dont sleep My marage is in the 
balance. My husband loves me but he is out of patiance,Why cant they find it, 
My appearance is getting worse My eyes are red and have permeant black 
circles The line going around my cheek bone is turning to a wrinkle. I cannot 
live like this much longer I pray to God you will be able to help me or tell 
me what and who to see. I scaned some sampels from my skin and am sending 
them along .I hope you can see something familur about them . I am also 
sending sampels in the mail.
      Please reply 
Claudia kamradt  U.S.A. Chicago IL.

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