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Mark Siddall mes at zoo.toronto.edu
Fri Dec 8 07:43:15 EST 1995

In article <ferocious_fish.49.30C6EC5B at mindlink.bc.ca> ferocious_fish at mindlink.bc.ca (Jim D'laeny) writes:
>Could anyone give me the name of some hematazoa? Are there any which have a 
>symbiotic relationship in the blood?
>Thanks in advance.

I am not sure what you are getting at.  Could you be more specific?

That is, all hematozoa are "symbiotic" (in so far as symbiotic means 
living together and encompasses parasitism as well).  Though
perhaps you meant mutualistic or commensalistic?
This is hard to answer because it's hard to say what a sick fish or
turtle looks like sometimes.
Most (nay all?) non-human animal populations harbour blood parasites
(= hematozoa).  This is normal, and by and large of little consequence to
the hosts.  Not unlikethe fact that your own intestines are ripe with
bacterial and protistan critters that you could very well do without
but cause you no distress.

As for naming them... I suggest that you go to a library and look up
blood parasites... a good start for the beginner would be to
look up such things as African Sleeping Sickness, Malaria, East Coast
Fever, Trypanosoma, Apicomplexa, Cryptobia, Plasmodium, Haemogregarina,
Leucocytozoon, Haemoproteus for starts.

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