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Re. neurological disorders (?) in grey squirrels

dig (David Gibson) dig at nhm.ic.ac.uk
Wed May 4 04:39:56 EST 1994

A freeby from The Natural History Museum Host-Parasite Data-base. Selected 
references from a subject search for Baylisascaris:

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data compiled from the literature since 1988 (data for 1922-1988 are
available in manuscript catalogues).

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                           SUBJECT SEARCH               Time: 09:23:00      Date: 04/05/94
                                       Search Parameters:
   1. Baylisascaris                       2.
   3.                                     4.
                   Partial list of records found in search
           Armstrong, D.L. et al., 1989. Cerebrospinal nematodiasis in macaws due to
           Bayliscascaris procyonis. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 20(3): 354-359,
           2 figs.
           Fitzgerald, S.D., et al., 1991. Encephalitis in two porcupines due to
           Baylisascaris larval migration. Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation
           3(4): 359-362.
                                                                          Helm Abstrs 61:2772
           Kazacos, K.R. & Boyce, W.M., 1989. Baylisascaris larva migrans. Journal of the
           American Veterinary Medical Association 195(7): 894-903.
                                                                        Helm. Abstr. 1993:244
           Kazacos, K.R., et al., 1993. Baylisascaris procyonis causing neural larva
           migrans in a child and DUSN/ocular larva migrans in a man. American Journal of
           Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Baltimore 49(3): 263-264, Abstract.
           Kazacos, K.R., Fitzgerald, S.D. & Reed, W.M., 1991. Baylisascaris procyonis as
           a cause of cerebrospinal nematodiasis in ratites. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife
           Medicine 22(4): 460-465.
                                                                          Helm. Abs. 61: 3204
           Kidder, J.D., et al., 1990(1989). Prevalence of patent Baylisascaris procyonis
           infection in raccoons (Procyon lotor) in Ithaca, New York. Journal of
           Parasitology. Urbana, Ill. 75(6): 870-874, 2 figs, 1 tab.
           Papini, R. & Mancianti, F., 1990. Experimental infection in mice with larvae of
           Baylisascaris transfuga (Nematoda). Angewandte Parasitologie. Jena 31: 199-201.
           Sanford, S.E., 1991. Cerebrospinal nematodiasis caused by Baylisascaris
           procyonis in chinchillas. Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 3(1):
Dr David I. Gibson
Department of Zoology
The Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road
London SW7 5BD


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