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[Molecular-evolution] Medically , biologically and scientifically , death is not an end or a termination.

Faustino Núñez Hernández via mol-evol%40net.bio.net (by faustnh from gmail.com)
Tue Sep 18 12:26:33 EST 2007

Medically , biologically and scientifically , death is not an end or a
termination .

Imagine we built a functional organism , based on a junction of
chemical reactions catalytically interdependent , and circularly or
cyclically interlinked , so that the organism regenerated itself (that
is , so that it regenerated its global chemical composition and its
regenerative functionality ) , as long as it received certain outer
inputs , and as long as it got degraded , deteriorated or
deconstructed by its own regenerative functionality . We would have
then a Living Being ; its regenerative functionality would be a
Metabolism , and a Physiology . This biosynthesis would fall into a
"Metabolism-First" model .

Now imagine that we placed this organism in a certain environment , so
that inputs required by organism corresponded to inputs supplied by
environment , and so that , in general , material interaction between
organism and environment was persistent , durable , stable and was in
balance . In this case , we would have a Living Being adapted to an
Environment ( an ecosystem ); attributes of this Living Being would be
its Adaptations ; and the fact that material interaction between
organism and environment was persistent , durable , stable and
balanced , would be the fact of the Non-Extinction , or the fact of
the proper Survival , of the Living Being .

Imagine now that we introduced the possibility that environment
changed . And imagine that we've managed to build our synthetical
Living Being ( let's name it " Nidea " from this point ) , so that ,
in connection with environment changes , it was able to dynamically
assume material self-transformations , on its own and by means of own
regenerative functionality or metabolism ( that is , without separated
reproduction ) , to get adapted again to the new environmental
conditions . In other words , we would have achieved an Evolution .

And imagine now that we had also achieved a very high complexity for
Nidea , in the sense that quantity of chemical substances in juction
for regenerative or metabolical functionality was very high or high
enough . Imagine that " high enough " meant that the quantity of
involved chemical substances made Nidea impossible to adapt to
environmental changes by means of material dynamical or direct own or
self transformations (metabolical or self-regenerative
transformations) . In this case , imagine we had managed to build an
indirect method for Nidea to self-assume material own
transformations : imagine we extended metabolical or regenerative
functionality of Nidea , so that it could replicate and rebuild itself
up from zero , and separately , with the consequent possibility of
introducing in the replicated organism the new necessary material
transformations , regarding the changes of environmental conditions .
The new specimen would be fully functional . And as it should be a
substitutive process , so that space or room in the environment would
remain available ( as well as old Nidea specimen or version would not
be adapted to the new environmental conditions ) , imagine finally we
had programmed Nidea so that the old specimen ceased regarding its
metabolical functionality . Well , in other words , we would have got
a Reproduction . The old specimen ceasing would be a Death . The
process of reproduction would need to base on certain regulating
substances , that guaranteed the chemical composition of the dying
specimen were both correctly extended or extrapolated to the new
specimen , and assumed the new material transformations for the new
specimen , regarding environmental change . These regulating
substances would logically have an informative or descriptive
condition . In other words , these regulating substances would
constitute a Genome ; the fact that chemical transformations were
introduced in the Genome , would be a Genetic Mutation or in general a
Genetic Renovation . The fact that the new specimen was built would be
a Birth .

So medically , biologically and scientifically , Death is not an end
or a termination .

And so, if you think that Death is an end or termination , then you
should reconsider your culture , your education and your ideology
are , in a certain way , not very well orientated .

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